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Trophies Awarded to danliker

  1. Awarded: Apr 10, 2017

    Who remembers everything

    You probably still remember the ancient versions of Plesk

  2. Awarded: Apr 10, 2017

    Respected man

    Seven years ago, there was no guru at the forum, but you were here already!

  3. Awarded: Apr 10, 2017


    You remember a lot about our forum

  4. Awarded: Apr 10, 2017


    You still call us Parallels in the old way :)

  5. Awarded: Dec 21, 2016


    You know the forum has its own search, right?

  6. Awarded: Nov 11, 2016

    Plesk Certified Professional

    Certified Plesk Professional who has officially passed the Professional level course in Plesk University

  7. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    300 trophy points? *sigh* You're getting these achievements faster than we add them!

  8. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Trophy Hunter

    100 trophy points? Not bad!

  9. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Knows His Stuff

    When Guru speak, you'd better listen...

  10. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Old School

    You've been here long enough that you can shout at the new posters to get off your lawn

  11. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Time Flies Fast

    3 years on the forum

  12. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    One More Turn Around The Sun

    2 years on the forum

  13. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    First Anniversary

    You have been with us for 365 days

  14. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Getting Sociable

    Twenty five threads is quite a lot. Hope you're not feeling tired!

  15. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Got Something To Say

    With ten threads in your pocket, you are definitely starting to get the feel of it.

  16. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Not Bad

    We've got a feeling that your five threads are a start to a beautiful relationship with this forum.

  17. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    No Time Like The First Time

    Your first thread

  18. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Half A Ton

    Five. Hundred. Messages. Nuff said!

  19. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Gaining momentum

    After 250 messages we're thinking that you're just getting started

  20. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Bar Regular

    A 100 messages? You're quite talkative, pal -- keep 'em coming!

  21. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Fifty Fifty

    Fifty messages you've posted -- fifty messages we've read

  22. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Sometimes They Come Back

    25 messages out -- you must like it here!

  23. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Baby Steps

    10 posts are a small step for the forum, but a giant leap for a poster.

  24. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Five out, more to go

    Five messages out, all systems normal. Commence further posting.

  25. Awarded: Sep 30, 2016

    Hello World!

    A message is a good start -- but we're sure you've got more to say