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  1. frostie

    frostie Guest

    I have read the brief for Plesk Expand and taken a look at the demo now, but I had a quick question:
    Is Plesk Expand supposed to be a cluster based Plesk system?
    3 Servers (min.) + Plesk expand gives a cluster system?
    Does this mean we can add and remove servers to the system (cluster) to distribute the websites? Or are the websites themselves actually still located on specific servers, because from what I can see this is what is going on. It doesn't seem that much different from the "Master Server" section which was introduced from version 5/6 ??

    Basically I think Plesk should be looking at cluster systems much like webhostautomation's helm control panel for windows which allows servers to be added and removed from the cluster and each to either serve websites/mail/dns/database or a combination of all 3. This would be something that would interest me and probably a lot more people.

  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    v1 doesn't support distributed services ... but future releases will. From sw-soft.com:

  3. vloek

    vloek Guest

    Yes really intressting, this is what i'm looking for as well.

    Do you have some more info on when this type of service is planned to go live ?
  4. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    I have no idea at this stage.