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domain and subdomain on different servers ?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by fgilain, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. fgilain

    fgilain Guest

    Hi all,

    I have 2 Plesk Servers : Server 1 and Server2

    Server 1 is :
    Mail server of mydomain.com
    FTP server of mydomain.com
    Web Server of mydomain.com

    server 2 is :
    Web server of the subdomain : sub.mydomain.com

    The problem is that when my website hosted on Server2 sends an email to someone@mydomain.com, the mail isn't send to server1 because mydomain is a loca ldomain, so mail directly goes to the local inbox of the domain...

    how should i proceed ?

  2. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    On Server2 you would have to make sure the DNS is setup with an MX record pointing to the IP of Server1, then remove the mydomain.com from the /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts file
  3. fgilain

    fgilain Guest

    sorry, i'm quite lost...

    Server2 is under red hat ES3, /etc/resolv.conf contains the ip address of my ISP's DNS server.

    So when Server2 ask for the mx server of a domain, it should get the real one (the one that is actually in production, not Server1 or Server2).

    What is the goal of the Plesk DNS's service interface ? i don't want to use this local dns service; my ISP is hosting my domain name and i want to continue using this one.

    nos, i tryed what you told me to do :

    i removed the mydomain.com from the rcpthosts file, then restarted qmail using /etc/init.d/psa stopall and psa restart

    but still have the problem, mail is sent to local @mydomain.com user...

    and now the rcpthosts file is empty so relaying is open no ?

    PS : sorry for my poor english...
  4. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    Your original post said you wanted mail from server2 to go to server1. Now you say you want it to go to the production server. Please clarify exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

    Please remember, if you don't give adequate information about your setup and are not clear on what you want to do, then the answers may not be correct or what you want them to be.

    The goal of Plesk including a DNS service is to automatically make DNS for domains which are created on the local server.

    Admins who want control panel want life to be very easy, like create domain and all other pieces automatically created/configured.

    Sounds like you still have a DNS issue on the local test/devel server(s). Also try actually rebooting the server, not just stopping/starting psa

    No, not unless you have relaying set in the control panel.
  5. fgilain

    fgilain Guest

    Yes, you're right, sorry..

    Here is the real actual situation :

    We actually pay for a Plesk Server in production to the french AMEN hoster (www.amen.fr).
    Our domain is (let's call it like that) "mydomain.com".
    AMEN DNS servers are the mydomain.com DNS servers (primary and secondary) and i have a web inteface to manage the DNS settings (create/edit/delete hosts/alias...).

    This plesk server, let's call it "amenprodserver" is actually used to :
    - host @mydomain.com mails (POP3 and SMTP)
    - host public corporate web site (accessible using an url such as : http://www.mydomain.com)
    - host private corporate application for one of our partners (accessible using a .htaccess protected url such as : http://www.mydomain.com/privateapplication)
    - host mydomain.com FTP server (accessible using ftp.mydomain.com)

    Now, i need to move from AMEN hosting system because of 2 things :
    1) My company is growing and need more security like mirror/backup servers to be able to quickly restart a service(cool...)
    2) Amen people are (were) on strike and things went bader and bader to have support, server was unreacheable many times and for long time without reasons...

    So, in order to leave AMEN and manage ourself our servers, we now have :

    - buy 2 new DELL servers (under red hat linux ES 3)
    - buy a firewall (appliance)
    - rent some space in a datacenter to put my firewall and servers (i have 1 public ip addresses given by this datacenter for each server)
    - buy 2 plesk 7.5.3 with spamassassin licences

    Our final goal would be to :
    - setup 2 mail servers (primary and backup) for @mydomain.com mails (will we have to setup 2 mail accounts in my mail clients to check both mailboxes ? or is there another solution).
    - setup 2 web servers (primary and backup) for public corporate web site
    - setup a new subdomain to handle the private web application : http://privateapplication.mydomain.com

    Nb : each web site need to be able to send emails.

    Each server are behind the firewall, on the DMZ and their nic card have a private ip address like 10.10.XXX.XXX; a nat is done on the firewall to send packets from public ip address1 to internal private ip address1 (server1) or from public ip address2 to internal private ip address2 (server2)

    Hope i'm more clear now ;-))