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Domain Issues

Discussion in 'Customer&Business Manager (formerly Plesk Billing)' started by eth1, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. eth1

    eth1 Guest

    Hi Guys,

    We've been running PB 6.03 Standalone for a few months now but have a couple of issues with domain registrations/transfers:

    The main one is that we want domain transfers into our company to be free of charge but then recur at the usually price on renewal. At the moment the domains transfer in free but also then renew at £0.00 as well (obviously not too good). Is there a way to get the system to make domain transfers in free but then have them renew at the usual price?

    The other issue we have is that when a domain is transferred in its status is set to "pending" however once the the transfer has actually completed (we're using ENOM btw) the status of the domain remains as "pending" in Plesk Billing forever unitl it is manually switched to active.

    Any help much appreciated :).
  2. geeza@

    geeza@ Basic Pleskian

    Sep 1, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Does anyone know how to make transferred in domains go from "pending" to "active" once they have transferred into Plesk Billing (We're using the Enom module)? All transfers in stay stuck on "pending" regardless of whether they have successfully transferred into Enom or not.