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Email templates

Discussion in 'Customer&Business Manager (formerly Plesk Billing)' started by EdK, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. EdK

    EdK Guest


    I use MB for more than 10 years now, started with version 3. I use version 603 for some times now and I more or less like it. About softness, version 4 was the best. However we are thinking about the future.

    For some weeks now, we started to sell license-products. Things we are charging the client for one time/1 day. But now we are facing a problem and we do not know it can be solved:

    When a client purchased a hostingproduct, license product, non-hosting product, etc. Plesk Billing sents out the SAME email for all of these products. It is called the 'New Order Email' The time we only sold hosting products, NO PROBLEM, but now we also sell other stuff, I do not want these customers to receive that SAME email (New Order Email) So we were figuring out for a long time now; HOW CAN WE MAKE A NEW EMAIL TEMPLATE especially and only for the license product, to prevent that this customer receive that same email as for all other products by the use of a new 'New Order Email'????

    We also made a new Email Template group. That is no problem. But we do not know how we can provision (point to) this order, so Plesk Billing will sent out the email we made to that customer, when his order is succeeded.

    I hope someone of you know if this is possible and if yes, what we should do to get it work on our side.

    Best regards from the Netherlands,
  2. KarimK

    KarimK Guest

    You should be able to assign a welcome email on the Product Level , go the Products > Miscellaneous Options > product Welcome Email.
  3. EdK

    EdK Guest

    Welcome email

    Hi Karim,

    Thanks for your reply.

    What you suggested had already be done.

    But the problem is that it is not possible to assign it to Package Info template. These templates are the only templates that can be assigned through Miscellaneous Options!

    The first email that is ALWAYS sent out right after a client purchased is called New Order Email So No Welcome email is sent out at this point. The Welcome email is only be sent out after a provisioning. Let say someone purchase hosting. After the package is provisioned to the server, the system sent out automatically a Welcome email that is assigned to that specific order.

    Because we did not sell any other stuff than hosting, it always worked out fine.

    Selling licenses, means there is no provisioning to the server. It is only submit in Plesk Billing, so there is never sent out a Welcome message assigned to this license product. :(

    Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but I assume this is how it is working (wrong).

    Hope you have another option left Karim

    Best regards form the Netherlands,

    placed an order We have assign all these products to the Package Info