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Expand 1.1 Beta

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.0 and Legacy General Discussion' started by poke, May 16, 2005.

  1. poke

    poke Guest

    Has anyone played around with this yet? If so, how is it looking?

  2. António@

    António@ Guest


    I have installed this on a test server, it looks good, but you will need a Plesk License to have a Mail Server Only "a Central Mail Server to all of your Plesk Servers". Or Sw-Soft will offer this Licenses? :D
  3. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Yep I've been playing with it a while. It's neat the way it's implemented. The way it's looking it will cost you a Plesk license for the central mailserver, but it'll save you fees for Dr.Web if you use it as you'll only need 1 license for the central server rather than 1 per server. As I understand it, when you configure a Plesk server to use central mail server all data will be moved across, and presumably the same if you change the centralised mail server that a particular Plesk server uses.

    Centralised DNS works from non-Plesk servers only. You can have your Expand server (assuming it's not also a Plesk server) as one of the DNS servers, but the others need to be servers independant of Plesk.

    I like the way both are implemented though as they're major changes to the Plesk system and these seem the most straightforward methods to use.

    Overall I think this update is fantastic, just what a lot of people here have been looking for a long time.
  4. poke

    poke Guest

    :D Sounds good...... I can't wait to get this all in place and running.

    Thanks for the input!!