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Expand kills the mysql to 100% Sw-Soft has no idea

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.0 and Legacy General Discussion' started by graffix, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. graffix

    graffix Guest


    we´re very angry about this situation:

    We have an expand server with only 6 included Plesk Server (100 Domains per server).

    After the upgrade to 1.1 the rais the mysqld to 100%.

    On this Server : Hewlett Packard, P4 HT 2.8 /1GB Ram 2x80 SATA Raid 1, is only our company sites hosted.

    We opened a ticket to sw-soft, but it doesn´t helps.
    They have no idea why the server/mysqld is in high load.

    When we stopped the expandtm, then the server goes to normal work.

    So has someone the same problem?

    Thanks for help, this makes me so angry about this ...
  2. CiViX

    CiViX Guest

    We have the same problem. On 1.1.0 they did a "fix" and made Expand only reload/update data from the other servers once a day. This helped, but still the load wnet high for 15-20 minutes once a day.

    Today I upgraded to Epand 1.1.1, and now the problem is back. The load has been soaring between 20 and 50 constantly since the upgrade. The load is usually down at zero point something. We have about 500 domains on the server which has dual CPUs and 2GB RAM.

    I've created a support ticket at PLESK, and I really hope they can help this time.. have you found any solution?
  3. graffix

    graffix Guest


    They said i´m the only one with this problem.
    But Expand is a buggy software.
  4. CiViX

    CiViX Guest

    I rebooted the server and stopped expandtm, but still the load is high :-( Why would the load be high whhen expandtm is stopped? Is there anything else that expand is running/controlling even whhen expandtm is not running?
  5. graffix

    graffix Guest

    You must wait, that all actions are done on this server.
    Log into and click the Action Log checkbox in expandtm, you will see how many processes must be do.

    Sw-Soft has changed the polling of fetching data in my case (only tonight!), but when we create new accounts, all customer must wait for a night to login. Because Expand fetch the data only in the night.

    I think Expand is no good software for hosting that is bigger than 2 servers.

    So i hope HSPc has not hte same problem!
  6. CiViX

    CiViX Guest

    Seems to be httpd which iic making the high load now. It's running at nearly 200% CPU load :-/

    I've tried stopping both expandtm, mysql, tomcat, but none affect the load.
  7. CiViX

    CiViX Guest

    Think I solved the problem...

    Problem seems to have been that there was a duplicate in php.ini:
    zend_extension = /usr/lib/ioncube/Ioncube_loader_lin_4.3.so

    httpd was crashing (segmentation fault) and restarting every 20-30 seconds, which made the load extremely high (httpd was up at nearly 200% cpu).

    I commented out the second line and restartet httpd. Seems to have solved the problem. Load is down.

    The problem appeared right after I upgraded Expand and SiteBuilder. Maybe SiteBuilder adds the ioncube-line to php.ini and created the problem... so maybe Expand wasn't the problem after all this time...

    Still waiting to see if load (mysql) will go skyhigh when expand reloads data though...
  8. graffix

    graffix Guest

    I have only the problem with fetching data from 9 server with more than 1000 domains.

    Event scheduler makes high load.
    Not the httpd
  9. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    HSPc is an excellent piece of software. In 3.2 (or earlier) it connects directly to Plesk, but I believe in 3.3 it will begin to indirectly connect to Plesk via Expand. The problem with Expand, I assume, is that there's not many providers using it. However, this is growing all the time.
  10. graffix

    graffix Guest

    I think, Expand is not usable Software. Too many bugs in there. We must contact the support 3-5 days, more as 6x in the month, because high load, death pid, 9000 processes in action log and so on.

    Now we would migrate all to HSPc and hope that this is working smoother and better!
  11. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    I'd be extremely surprised if you have any major problems with HSPc which they don't resolve very quickly. It's definately a very impressive automation application, but most importantly it's backed by very enthuisiastic and extremely helpful and knowledgeable support and implementation teams.
  12. graffix

    graffix Guest

    Ok, we will see, if this software runs smooth and good, we have a great business!
  13. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    It takes a while to get used to HSPc, but give it a chance and it will work great fo ryou.
  14. graffix

    graffix Guest

    I have seen that.

    We installed the HSPc 3.1 with latest patches and try to build our business case in HSPc.

    But that was very strong to use this software.
    So many things to do ....

    But my opinion is, it is the only one software, that is enemy to other big business like STRATO or SCHLUND
  15. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Yup, competing with the giants is possible with HSPc. 3.2 includes many more useful features and will be generally available in a few weeks I understand. It's very customer-focused software I've found, they truly listen to and acknowledge feedback which is fantastic.
  16. graffix

    graffix Guest

    We use HSPc for the last step into PEM.
    So we will see.
  17. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest


    We had problems setting up expand trying to find a way to best run it in a smooth enviroment where it can do it's thing without any hassles. We are running three web servers, one dedicated mail server, two dedicated dns servers and one expand server.

    We were not always running expand on it's own box, upon having further problems I asked support would this be a good idea to seperate the system off to it's own box and they said yes.

    Since then my web servers run perfectly, no problems etc.

    Expand also does run very hard on with continuous creation of events in the event log. with up to a new event being untertaken every 1-5 secconds.

    I have submitted a ticket for this and have had the responce that an update is due out next week expand 1.1.2 which should fix these load issues etc.

    It might be an idea to apply 1.1.2 when it comes out to see if it fixes your issues.

    I am a strong beleiver in the Expand TM system although I am new to using it. I have created thread's on their poor support also and am commited to seeing their support problems resolved also.

    Keep your ideas and thoughts flowing through to their team (event the abusive ones) and hopefully we can see their systems grow to take on the ever growing requirements of the Expand TM system.
  18. graffix

    graffix Guest

    Excuse me, but the support said to us from version 1. to 111 or something, that all next releases the load is not so high. And on every new version on our server, has super high load of action, fetching data and so on of more as 15.xx on a Dual Xeon 3.06 machine.
    So i don´t believe that high load is dumped on next version.

    We have the lease version since 6 months, and only problems with that. so in the newxt few days i would to get my money back from sales.

    This expand is not created for business, sorry.

    All other software is fine but expand is a woth of it.