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How to install Sitebuilder 2 Modules

Discussion in 'Legacy Sitebuilder Software' started by swbuilder, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. swbuilder

    swbuilder Guest


    I managed to install Sitebuilder 2 without modules (this is all new to me). Now I can't find any documentation on how to install these modules. I have the modules (RPM on my Windows XP) but can't find any upload in Sitebuilder.

    So to get started I moved them to the server /usr/local/sitebuilder/modules and ran the command RPM (module name) from the Linus command prompt. All error (files are chmod 644 if this have any meaning).

    Anybody who can give instruction (detailed please) or point to where SWsoft have the documentation as it is not in the install or admin manual?

    Thanks a lot.:confused:
  2. elearningtoys

    elearningtoys Guest

    I am having the SAME problem. PLEASE helP!
  3. swbuilder

    swbuilder Guest

    I succeded with the install of the modules. So if anybody find themself in the same situation here is what I did.

    Logged in to the server and placed my self in;


    Made sure all modules to Sitebuilder was place in this directory. Then I ran the command;

    rpm -Uhv *.rpm

    and the install ended successfully. I then logged into Sitebuilder and all the modules was accessible. I think there are some extra I need to do with a few of the modules but have seen a few post about that somewhere else in this forum.