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MailEnable Professional Edition

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by vankel, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. vankel

    vankel Guest

    We have purchased the Professional version of MailEnable before we use Plesk. Now that we are using Plesk, I am just wondering if it's a good idea to upgrade the mailenable within Plesk, or should we just leave it as is.

    Thank you.
  2. DigitalEmotions

    DigitalEmotions Guest

    Yes you can upgrade mailenable standard installed by plesk by installing mailenable pro over the standard version. If you want to use the mailenable webmail there are a few other things to change after you install mailenable pro.
  3. kjackson

    kjackson Guest

    Hi - would you mind sharing those "few other things" needed to change after the install?


  4. vankel

    vankel Guest

    i am still thinking whether to upgrade or not... since i prefer the horde's webmail interface... and the other extra features in the professional version isn't that useful i think... or have already taken care of in Plesk, right?
  5. DigitalEmotions

    DigitalEmotions Guest

    If you install mailenable pro then horde webmail will still work under webmail.domain.com unless you do the changes below.

    Of course if you dont need the features of mailenable pro then no reason to install it, i think the most popular reason people use pro is so they can introduce virus scanning on the emails as they pass through.

    To setup mailenable webmail for webmail.domain.com:

    1. go to Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups
    2. set password to user account IME_USER
    3. go to IIS Manager
    4. select site "webmail(default)"
    5. open "webmail(default)" Properties dialog
    6. go to tab Home Directory and set it to <MailEnable Path>\Bin\WebMail
    7. go to tab Directory Security and set IME_USER as anonymous
    8. create MEWebMail virtual directory for folder <MailEnable
    Path>\Bin\WebMail under "webmail(default)"

    if you want to logon as user/password (by default you must logon as
    user@domain/password), you should replace line 133:

    oLogin.UserName = Request("UserID")

    in <MailEnable Path>\Bin\WebMail\base\default\lang\EN\login.asp with

    UserID = Request("UserID")
    If InStr(1,UserID,"@") = 0 Then
    ' user & hostname
    SiteName = GetSiteName()
    If InStr(1,LCase(SiteName),"webmail.") = 1 Then
    UserID = UserID & "@" &
    End If
    End If
    oLogin.UserName = UserID
  6. AbsolutelyFreeW

    AbsolutelyFreeW Guest

    is it a must to replace the existing webmail? cPanel has 3 webmail interfaces for instance, possible to tweak the new webmail in domain templates or something and/or use custom buttons for it?...