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Plesk Expand License Questions

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.2 General Discussion' started by Kaylior, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Kaylior

    Kaylior Guest

    Hi All,

    I have sent off this query at the request for information link, but haven't heard back yet so was wondering if someone here could help.

    My query is regarding the license requirements of Plesk Expand. We are currently looking at implementing a new hosting platform for our customers and like Plesk for its cross platform capabilities. We are also looking at Plesk Expand to simply the provisioning and support of client accounts.

    I like the look of this environment here (http://www.swsoft.com/r/upload/Plesk-Expand-small.gif) as it provides centralized management for Mail, DNS & DB, however my problem is with investigating the license requirements for Plesk Expand. Here are my questions:

    1: To implement a similar environment to the one in the image above, what will be required? From what I can gather, I believe this is what we need:

    * 1 x Plesk Expand License for the Plesk expand server. This will cover 2 x plesk servers and 1 x Centralized mail server
    * 1 x Plesk Centralized Mail Server license
    * 1 x Expand Centralized DNS
    * 1 x Expand Centralized DB

    Am I missing something here, or is this all that is required?

    2: The Centralized Mail server license is a special Plesk license for mail only. Is there such a license available for a DNS/DB only server, or do these servers require a full Plesk license?

    3: I assume that the Expand Centralized Mail/DNS/DB components are per server, so if more Mail/DNS/DB servers were added, an extra Expand Centralized component would be required?

    Thanks in advanced
  2. girin

    girin Guest


    You will need:

    1. The Plesk Expand base license (2x Plesk server, 1x Cmail server) + 2 additional features: 1x CDNS server and 1x CDB sever.

    2. Two licenses for Plesk servers, one for Linux and one for Windows.

    3. One license for Plesk server which will be used as centralized mail server.

    Centralized DNS server is simular linux server with bind and Expand dnscontroller installed on it, it does not require any additional licenses.

    Centralized DNS server is any MySQL or PostgreSQL server, it also does not require any additional licenses.

    Each time you wish to assing to Expand a new Plesk server or a new Cmail/DB/DNS server you will need to upgrade your Plesk Expand License.