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Plesk Expand - What to expect!

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.0 and Legacy General Discussion' started by radialhosting, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. radialhosting

    radialhosting Guest

    I've been in contact with SWSoft and I am super excited about expand. Not all the information about expand is avaliable on the web. But here is a breif summary of what I've learned.

    Expand will have 3 main features. 2 of which will be add ons for an editional cost.

    Centralized Email
    You will be able to manage and maintain a plesk email server. This can either be on an existing plesk 7.5 installation or you can opt to have a sepertate email only plesk installation that will enable you to seperate email from your other hosting solutions. Expand gives you a single point at which you can create accounts, modify settings and so on. You will be able to transfer over your Dr. Web license to a email only plesk installation, but you will need to also purchase another Spamassassin license for the new email server.

    Centralized DNS
    Centralized DNS is pretty straight forward. The exciting part is that plesk expand will allow you to manage and maintain DNS servers that do not have plesk software installed. From what I've heard it will come with some tools that should bridge the gap so you can have your primary, secondary and subsiquent DNS servers.

    Centralized Login
    Your users will have a centralized login so they can manage their email and other hosting solutions. Super feature for hosting companies looking to expand and grow by adding additional plesk and expand servers to your infrastructure.

    And I think all this is just the tip of the ice berg. Our goal within our organization will be to have a Windows Hosting enviroment using plesk, a Unix hosting enviroment using plesk and a centralized email server to seperate email from our other solutions. This way if we get 1000's more unix only hosting clients we can expand properly and not have it impact our existing services.
  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    Centralised mail (although it can't use an existing Plesk server) is available now, as is centralised DNS (but can't use external servers I don't think yet). Centralised login has been available for a year now, but redirects to the correct Plesk server rather than being a control panel in itself (i.e. it's not a proxy server, it's just a redirect to the correct location ... might change in an upcoming release, hopefully).
  3. radialhosting

    radialhosting Guest

    Yes. But again this is about the centralized management of all of it. This is the biggest feature of what expand has to offer.