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reroute :8443/store

Discussion in 'Customer&Business Manager (formerly Plesk Billing)' started by Techknow, May 8, 2012.

  1. Techknow

    Techknow Guest

    change plesk admin port 8443

    Hi i have been searching for a way to change the default plesk admin port from 8443 to 443.
    he main purpose was to allow clients behind firewalls with strict rules to use the admin interface.

    If you have ever tried to do this im sure you have found out that it is impossible to do since plesk has apache listen on 443 without binding to a specific ip.

    I have a working solution and thought I would pass it along so that other plesk users can possibly benifit.

    1. Create a new domain in plesk cp.yourdomain.com
    2. create a vhost_ssl.conf file for this domain and add the following lines.

    SSLProxyEngine on
    ProxyRequests off
    ProxyPass / https://servername.yourdomain.com:8443/
    ProxyPassReverse / https://servername.yourdomain.com:8443/

    3. Restart httpd

    now when you goto https://cp.yourdomain.com you will see the plesk admin.

    Basiclly when the request is recieved by the cp.yourdomain.com it will be proxied to the plesk admin by apache and it will appear to the user that the site is being served by cp.yourdomain.com

    Note: You must use the server name as stated for this to work.

    I hope this proves helpful to you.

    Please be kind as this is my first post on this board.
    But after I do this I get Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

    Reason: DNS lookup failure for: <your hostname>.com

    Apache Server at hoststar.<your hostname>.com Port 443
    Thank you
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  2. Techknow

    Techknow Guest

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    DmitryK. Regular Pleskian

    Oct 13, 2011
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