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timeline, beta, anything?

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.0 and Legacy General Discussion' started by bruce, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. bruce

    bruce Guest

    I"m going to contact our sales rep and ask too, but, has anyone heard anything about a new version of Expand that might have some of the features we've all been looking for?

    We're re-looking at re-working our hosting and Expand would be great, especially if we could distribute the load across servers (load balancing, etc), and have seperate boxes for web, mail, database, spam.

    Thanks for any input at all!

  2. poke

    poke Guest

    Yeah, I'd like to see Expand support MySQL 4.x and some distributed services.

    I've been checking in every day for news, they might be all tied up with their new windblows release.

  3. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    I think that (unfortunately) expand is pretty low down the priority list for development right now. Catch 22 - there's simply not enough customers for it to be viable to push more staff onto the project, but they're not going to get many customers without improving expand ...