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Upgrading to 2.3 Causes Errors

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.3 Troubleshooting Issues' started by pnethost, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. pnethost

    pnethost Guest

    We have upgraded from 2.2.4 to 2.3.0 and although no errors were reported during the upgrade process it appears to have failed; looks like database has not been updated.

    We are getting these kind of errors:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
    <packet version="">
    <errtext>Unknown column 'plesk_server.dns_recursion' in 'field list'. Error query: SELECT `plesk_server`.`name`, `plesk_server`.`ip_address`, `plesk_server`.`port`, `plesk_server`.`admin_password`, `plesk_server`.`allow_clients`, `plesk_server`.`allow_domains`, `plesk_server`.`clients_limit`, `plesk_server`.`domains_limit`, `plesk_server`.`status`, `plesk_server`.`reason`, `plesk_server`.`reason_desc`, `plesk_server`.`util_level`, `plesk_server`.`def_interface_id`, `plesk_server`.`keyword`, `plesk_server`.`comments`, `plesk_server`.`clients_count`, `plesk_server`.`domains_count`, `plesk_server`.`vz_hn_id`, `plesk_server`.`veid`, `plesk_server`.`provides_hosting`, `plesk_server`.`plesk_event_last_id`, `plesk_server`.`dns_recursion`, `plesk_server`.`backup_process_id`, `exp_mail_server_repository`.`mail_server_id` FROM `plesk_server` LEFT JOIN `exp_mail_server_repository` ON `plesk_server`.`id`=`exp_mail_server_repository`.`plesk_server_id` WHERE `id`=3</errtext>

    Some errors from operator log (many):

    Jul 13 2008 20:43:26 DomOp[3346906:26354] ERR: General error: Unknown column 'plesk_domain.backup_process_id' in 'field list'. Error query: SELECT `plesk_domain`.`plesk_domain_id`, `plesk_domain`.`server_id`, `plesk_domain`.`client_id`, `plesk_domain`.`cr_date`, `plesk_domain`.`display_name`, `plesk_domain`.`name`, `plesk_domain`.`status`, `plesk_domain`.`real_size`, `plesk_domain`.`htype`, `plesk_domain`.`tmpl_id`, `plesk_domain`.`binding_state`, `plesk_domain`.`backup_process_id`, `plesk_client`.`plesk_client_id` FROM `plesk_domain` INNER JOIN `plesk_client` ON `plesk_domain`.`client_id`=`plesk_client`.`id`WHERE `plesk_domain`.`id`=5

    Jul 13 2008 20:43:46 BackupOp[3346907:26354] ERR: General error: Unknown column 'parent_id' in 'field list'. Error query: SELECT `parent_id`, `object_id`, `object_type`, `server_id`, `storage_id`, `started`, `finished`, `filename`, `protocol`, `volume_size`, `started_by_expand`, `description`, `status`, `error_desc` FROM `backup_processes` WHERE `id`=1
    Jul 13 2008 20:43:46 [3346907:26354] INFO: Result code: 40

    Expand is basically broken now. Anyone else have these kinds of issues after upgrade?

    Thanks Nik.
  2. AeroWave

    AeroWave Guest

    See my last post about it... :(
  3. Bers

    Bers Basic Pleskian Staff Member

    Jul 31, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Please use the solution from this thread to fix the problem.

    best regards,
  4. pnethost

    pnethost Guest

    Thank you Sergey, this is resolved the problem!