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  1. Peter Zendzian

    Peter Zendzian Guest

    I have had numerous problems with my V6 install but have no idea where to get assistance. Let me start with my top 3-4 problems and hope someone can provide guidance.

    1. When clicking on a few links in an invoice such as edit, instead of https://{URL}/billing/app-modernbill-admin/invoices.php?{other stuff} I get https://invoices.php/?{lots of stuff}. Where is the path and URL going? How do I fix.

    2. When editing system settings in areas too numerous to list, I receive the following error message:
    " [LOGIN_APPx000497] Access to this action is restricted. Please update your admin group to allow access to this action. "

    3. When taking customer payment through the take client payment link on the client summary page, it intermittently works, ie submitting for payment sometimes processes the payment and sometimes doesn't without rhyme or reason.

    4. Some payments do not process for full amount, ie they may be $70 short. When attempting to charge remaining part of invoice #3 occurs at random.

    Please help.