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AccountLab FREE billing app for hosts

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by pvps, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. pvps

    pvps Guest

    Today we have released the ALPHA version of AccountLab for public testing. It is alpha so not for production use yet.

    AccountLab is a billing and provisioning application for web hosts full details can be found at http://accountlab.com


    AccountLab can lookup over 180 TLD's, have unlimited hosting plans, offer monthly, quarterly, six monthly and yearly payment options, handle tax.

    AccountLab works with PayPal, WorldPay (FuturePay), NoChex, 2checkout and offline payments such as checks or bank transfer.

    Unique fraud scoring. AccountLab screens to sift through your online charges and flag potentially fraudulent transactions.

    One click register domains and account setup from within AccountLab. Plugin to Plesk, Cpanel, Enom and Directi.

    You need to register at our site to download your copy.
  2. franklaval

    franklaval Guest

    Very nice

    This is may be a good solution for are resellers

    Will check this thank!
  3. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    Sounds great.... but when I register and go to download, the file does not exist.

    *edit* NM... Damn Internet Explorer... worked with Firefox.
  4. pvps

    pvps Guest

    let me check that for you, we are alpha testing the application and the registration stystem so there may be some teething troubles
  5. pvps

    pvps Guest

    apologies for the delay, had to dig out a copy of Internet Explorer to test it, I guess you are using IE.

    It has troubles with SSL and cache-control, a quick fix is to swap to a different browser, moz or netscape, or go to the page without the https in other words http

    We are recoding the page to cover this but it may take an hour or so.
  6. pvps

    pvps Guest

    all fixed, should work fine with IE now, thanks for the heads up NightStorm
  7. pvps

    pvps Guest

    Just a quick update, we have enhanced the plan creation for plesk so it takes care of more preferences.

    We are also finishing off the client level creation scripts, these will create a client, set client preferences, allocate IP's, create the domain under the client, set some preferences for the domain and finally set their dns records so that they have ns1.theirdomain.com and ns2 as A records and NS records.
  8. Mr.Yes

    Mr.Yes Guest

    great software .. how long for final release?
  9. pvps

    pvps Guest

    Thanks, we are hoping to have a full production release available in about two weeks time.
  10. pvps

    pvps Guest

    An upgrade is now available that allows for Plesk Plan Upgrade directly from AccountLab.

    If you use the Plesk auto create functions you can now upgrade/downgrade domains between different Plesk Plans. The list of options is drawn from the Plesk Plan table in AccountLab.

    For this to appear in the right sub-menu of the customer view page in AccountLab the customer must be active (blue id card) they must be on a plesk server and the server must be set to auto.
  11. pvps

    pvps Guest

    Reseller Support

    An upgrade is now available that gives full client and domain creation on Plesk from within AccountLab.

    You can one click create a client, add IP's to their pool and create the domain under their client account.

    It is also possible to upgrade/downgrade both domains and clients directly from Accountlab.
  12. joinindia

    joinindia Basic Pleskian

    Jan 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    FREE AccountLab


    I Visited the website but there is NO Link for Registration or Download the software.

    Let me know how can i get the copy of AccountLab ?
  13. NightStorm

    NightStorm Guest

    It's not free anymore. It was sold to the same people that produce Fantastico for Cpanel.
    Since then, it has become a commercial product and requires a license be purchased from them.