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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by keran, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. keran

    keran Guest

    Dear... please... please...please...

    How can i add NETWORK SERVICE permissions to files/folders?!
    Im on the shared hosting plan.

    Few days Im searching internet how to add this permission but still nothing?!
    Why is then Windows PLESK if i cant add ASP.NET permission?!

    One more...
    On some other hosting i found above the root(httpdocs) file .Security which contains permissions for all users and folders, where '/upload' folder have NETWORK PERMISSION enabled.
    Can i add this line which i found there, to get NETWORK SERVICE permission for my folder '/upload', like this:
    Is this possible, must server be restored after adding this, should i backup .Security file... etc...?!

    Thanks... thanks... thanks...

    PS Sorry for my poor English but i think you will understood what i want to ask
  2. LeaUK

    LeaUK Guest

    You should not need to add this service permissions for any files. IIS access your web site file via two users, either IUSR or IWPD. IUSR is for anonymous browsing ie everyone who views your site, IWPD is for ASP.net applications use.

    Normally ISUR is read only, and IWPD would be read/write or occasionally full.

  3. DmitryT

    DmitryT Guest


    The faster and easier way is just right click on the folder you need to assign those permissions and under "Security" tab add the necessary one ;) Just type 'NETWORK SERVICE' and check in allow inheritable permissions to propagate them to all the files included. It is actually not recommended to manually edit .Security file as it may lead to virtual host security corruption.
  4. nettproffen

    nettproffen Guest

    Hi -

    Did you find any solutions to this? Is it possible to add network service ?