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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by wdcurry, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. wdcurry

    wdcurry Guest

    I am fairly new to plesk, so i might regret a post that will prove that perhaps i just don't get it, but setting up asp.net in plesk is not the simplest issue. The asp.net tester page in the default setup cannot connect to my test msde db at all, errors abound.

    To get my working asp.net application to work at the ip controlled by plesk i had to do the followiing, each of which was not independently tested, just a cumulative set of steps needed to try and meet a deadline.

    • i enabled debugging as a starting point.
    • working in IIS6, we should only need to have NETWORK SERVICE as the permission'd user, or at least in my experience. I had to add full perm's to vhosts, and to the httpdocs folders for both this user and for ASPNET which is a IIS5 thing.
    • i also needed to add both user with read|write|list to the windows temp folder.
    • then finally i added IIS_WPG, and my app worked.

    I likely took other steps, but don't remember now. These permissions are at the root of countless posts, from folks looking for help. Perhaps this might be considered for the next plesk update?

    thanks, and hopefully this helps others, drew..
  2. Anim

    Anim Guest

    This helped me solve my issue that ive been at for the last 5 hours! Well at least I can now write to a folder using ASP.NET 2

    The key for me was just the IIS_WPG group account , this allowed me to write to a .NET app folder but Im not sure its the correct account to use based on the MS info below.

    IIS_WPG info here

    The IIS_WPG group contains the Network Service, Local Service, LocalSystem, and IWAM_ComputerName accounts

    Is this group the correct one to use on a folder for say uploading pictures from end users or is there a security risk?

    (apart from validating uploaded files via script)

    Please forgive my ignorance on this as windows user groups make my head spin.