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best firewall

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by mogabr, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. mogabr

    mogabr Guest

    best firewall & antivirus ?

    i have windows2003 web edtion as i want know what is the best firewall i can use with plesk 7.0.2?

    and what is the open ports i should permit (include remote desktop) ?

    about the antivirus ? is norton good? and what is better?

  2. swissmerlin

    swissmerlin Guest

    We do not use the firewall provided by plesk and microsoft. A professional environment needs a hardware firewall like SonicWall.

    You need to open the ports to access HTTP, HTTPS, Mail, FTP and some other, depending what services you will offer.

    Personally, i don't like Symantec at all. We're using Sophos and BitDefender,

    Sophos is quite expensive, but it works perfectly.
  3. mogabr

    mogabr Guest


    i think win 2003 web edition don't have firewall?!
    i know that plesk have firewall, can i config it ?

    thanks a lot
  4. swissmerlin

    swissmerlin Guest

    To be honest, never tested ;-)

    Yes, Plesk comes with a open source firewall. You can configure the firewall easily. To get more infos about it, please browse or search the forum and at least, check out the plesk manual.