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Can't get XCache to work on one domain.

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Issue, Fixes, How-To' started by Adam Dresch, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Adam Dresch

    Adam Dresch Guest

    I know this isn't a Plesk specific problem, but it's something to do with IIS I think

    I'm running Windows Server 2008 (Standard)
    With Plesk 9.2
    I've installed the Xcache extension and it works fine on two domains, but not another
    I have two VBulletin forums, one forum works with it, the other doesnt
    The one which doesn't, throws out about 2 pages of the following

    Warning: xcache_isset() [function.xcache-isset]: xcache.var_size is either 0 or too small to enable var data caching in [path]\

    My XCache settings are

    xcache.var_count 4 4
    xcache.var_gc_interval 300 300
    xcache.var_maxttl 0 0
    xcache.var_size 128M 128M
    xcache.var_slots 8K 8K
    xcache.var_ttl 3600 3600

    So clearly there's enough Var_size, not to mention the other sites work fine with it
    I've tried increasing the size, but still no go
    Someone on the VB forums had a similiar problem and he said it was because his site was set to use a "dedicated pool"
    I checked the site's settings and the Use Dedicated pool is UNticked
    I tried ticking, saving, unticking, resaving, but it still doesn't work

    Any suggestions? heh

    Also, is there anyway to update the versions of Mysql and PHP on a plesk server? they seem rather old by todays standards.