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Change in SA setup. Can Anyone Help?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by artm, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. artm

    artm Guest

    We have certainly found this 8.1 upgrade "eventful". The latest problem is not so much a bug as a setup change (I think).

    We like very much to have a default SpamAssasin setup for new mail accounts. (The server settings don't seem to achieve that).

    With Plesk 8.0 we found there was a MySQL table called sa_conf that set the default threshold and default subject line tag. So we set that to our preference and everything was fine & dandy.

    That table has disappeared now in 8.1 it seems. When a new mail box gets created Plesk sets it up with threshold 7 and tag ****SPAM****.

    Does anyone know where Plesk is getting that from so we can change it?
  2. mattearwicker

    mattearwicker Guest

    Error in mysql table name

    The tables have changed to spamfilter and similar. However, the tables only show what appears in the Plesk control panel view. The actual email accounts use the following files:

    /var/qmail/mailnames/[domain-name]/(mailbox name]/.qmail (this mentions whether spamassassin is on or off for a particular mailbox - turn on manually for one, and compare with others)

    /var/qmail/mailnames/[domain-name]/(mailbox name]/.spamassassin/user_prefs

    In here you will find the two fields you are looking for.

    To block change, you could try the following:

    cd /var/qmail/mailnames
    find . -name user_prefs | xargs perl -pi -e 's/7/4/g'

    In this example, all instances of score 7.0 are changed to 4.0, but you could do whatever you want instead. I'm afraid you have to run a mysql update query to change what is showing in Plesk as well. You would do something like:

    mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` psa
    UPDATE spamfilter_preferences WHERE preference = "required_score" SET value = "4.0"

    or whatever value you want.

    Hope this helps
  3. artm

    artm Guest

    Thanks mattearwicker. Though I'm not sure that's quite what I am looking for.

    The question is: When you create a new mail box in Plesk, it is set up with a default score of 7 and a default text of ****SPAM****.

    As you say, those values are then stored in /var/qmail/mailnames/[domain-name]/(mailbox name]/.spamassassin/user_prefs. But when Plesk first creates that file, where does it get its defaults from?

    I'd like to change those defaults. I don't want to run a global update on existing accounts, just change the value given to new accounts. After that the mail user can modify the settings if they wish. You see our SA works very nicely on a threshold of 5. 7 is just unnecessarily conservative.

    So where does Plesk get the defaults from? They used to be stored in the configuration table called "sa_conf". That table no longer exists. Maybe now they're hard-wired into the Plesk software - I hope not!
  4. mattearwicker

    mattearwicker Guest

    Have you looked at the tables spamfilter and spamfilter_preferences? They weren't much use for me, but they might help you. I was more annoyed that spamassassin is now OFF by default, and I could not find out how to switch it on.

    Alternatively, you could create a file called user_prefs.template with the relevant settings in /etc/mail/spamassassin and see if that does the trick.

    Last thought is that when spam is turned on for a mailbox, presumably it calls /usr/local/psa/sbin/spammng and somehow supplies options (-s=*7.0* and -m=*****SPAM*****). Perhaps it is possible to find out where this is called, and what file it is referencing - if you do find out, please let me know as I want to play with it too.

    Sorry I couldn't help (yet).

  5. RattleSn@ke

    RattleSn@ke New Pleskian

    Dec 27, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Same 'problem' here!!
    Also want to change the default topic prefix.
    I also want SA enabled automatically for new domains / users.

    Anyone an idea??

  6. shultis

    shultis Guest

    Add Spam Filtering for All Useres

    While this isn't exactly what you're looking for, if you find that after an upgrade spam service has been turned off for all users, there's a great blog that offers a simple way to turn off spam filtering for all the accounts on the box.

    Add Spam Filtering for All Users in Plesk

    We recently did the upgrade to 8.2 and found all of our spam filtering was disabled at the user level. This little trick saved us a few hours of manually turning them on in the control panel.

    Lots of other good advice there as well.

    -- shultis