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copy files to server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kazar, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. kazar

    kazar Guest

    sorry for the "Intro to Plesk & Linux" nooooobie q ...

    but when the manual says "copy the file to your server" how the heck does someone do that? I had asked in another thread a while back if I could access the server via ftp and the answer appeared to be "no" (at least not available "out of the box" with Plesk).

    But a search of the pdf for "copy" turns up no information on how one moves a file from one's local (home) machine to the server (at the ISP).

    I've now enabled samba & am trying to study up on how to set up shares, but since the manual does not say "enable the file sharing module and then copy the file ..." I'm figuring there must be a simpler built-in way to move files to my server ... probably staring me in the face.

    tia for your patience & help,

  2. dats

    dats Guest

    Try FTP. There are many FTP applications available. This copies your files onto the server.

  3. lpittman

    lpittman Guest

    Are you talking about getting the autoinstaller file to your server?

    Do you have SSH access?
  4. Cinksul

    Cinksul Guest


    Uploading files to plesk, that's just what
    I have done, and the only (so far)

    There are two ways...

    1. Domains/Domain name/FileManager

    But here I can not find any possibility to upload more than one file a time.

    2. Use the FTP-client that comes with Internet Explorer.
    Before you can use it you must specify a ftp-settings.
    Domains/domain name / Setup
    Here you activate the FTP.

    And after that it is possible to upload a lot at one time.:)
  5. kazar

    kazar Guest

    thanks, all, for trying.

    I do understand that I can use ftp or File Manager to upload files to a *domain*.

    I also do "have ssh" (i.e., use bash in a terminal window on my Mac)

    HOWEVER .... I wish to upload as root, because there are things I need to *install*.

    FTP: I cannot connect via ftp as root.

    FILE MANAGER: There is no File Manager control panel when logged into Plesk as server admin (admin/root).

    SSH: How would I move a file from my local machine to the server via ssh, if I have no other connection to the server? (not file sharing, not ftp)

    thanks again in advance,

  6. lpittman

    lpittman Guest

  7. kazar

    kazar Guest

    thanks Luke ... my ftp client of choice on Mac is Interarchy, and it does SFTP and SSH/FTP (which it shows as 2 different options) as well as FTP.

    However, because my server is not set up as an ftp server, I guess, I simply cannot log in. I have tried username root as well as admin and my admin pw ...

    At one point, I'm not sure which combo of username & protocol (SFTP or "SSH/FTP") I tried, but instead of a listing of files & directories all I got was a blank window. Not sure how I even got that because since then every attempt to connect tells me "incorrect login".

    How do I (using Plesk or a terminal window) set up my server to accept SFTP connections??


  8. kazar

    kazar Guest

    OK, I just found what I needed by doing a search for ssh in the online Plesk User's Guide:

    This info was not to be found in the server admin guide, it is only mentioned in the domain admin guide w/reference to site management.

    I've not tried it yet because first I need to learn a bit about the directory structure on my server (complete newbie when it comes to Linux!)

    thanks again,