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counter strike module suggestions

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kieranmullen, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. kieranmullen

    kieranmullen Guest

    remove steam account login -minor

    make config auto fill in a free port - minor

    have more than two game ops - major

    allow users to control, change their own config and maps. - major (cpanel allows for this)

    Thank you

    Kieran Mullen
  2. kieranmullen

    kieranmullen Guest

    Cpanel supports quite a few games for no charge it seems


    Currently supported games:
    # Savage: Battle for Newerth
    # Unreal Tournament 2004
    # Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (ETPro and TrueCombat:Elite mods)
    # Half Life Engine (Counter Strike and other mods)
    # Half Life2 Engine (CS:S and other mods)
    # Call of Duty (United Offensive mod)
    # Battlefield 1942
    # Battlefield Vietnam
    # Battlefield 2
    # Soldier of Fortune II
    # America's Army
  3. BoXie

    BoXie Guest

    So there actually IS someone who uses the game-modules ?

  4. kieranmullen

    kieranmullen Guest

    Having second thoughts...

    Cpanelis much further ahead than plesk and they are not charging for their game server module. (since the software is free)

    However they will nto support counter strike source until the next version of plesk.

    > 2)Where is counter strike source? That has been out t least for a few months...That is what everyone is asking for.

    We have already created feature request to our developers team but we can't say exactly when this game will be supported. Probably in Plesk 7.5.5 or later.