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Disable News and Other Icons in Client Areas

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by snyhof, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    My clients do not need to be able to see or modify any Plans, Trial site settings, Create Hosts, etc.

    In fact, when there is more than they need, it just creates confusion, frustration, complexity of mind and we end up having to spend even more time just explaining that most everything you see there is not needed, please ignore it.

    This after, spending weeks and sometime months setting our services up to offer simple and easy services to our customers. Swsoft makes our job more difficult.

    Take Sitebuilder Wizard, that is simple and straight forward, non-confusing and guides users to the end result. Plesk should be the same way for our clients.

    My clients just need to manage their mail, see their statistics and log into Sitebuilder to edit their site. That's it.

    The rest can all go. I seen on the Linux forum that someone suggested some css on a skin file to hide the News, mostly for my clients. I am only using the default skin and would like to know the path to the admin skin file... for starters.

    I have found where I can hide buttons, but that is confusing, maybe just remove them all and see what it looks like, then add them back one at a time.

    Suggestion: For customers who do not wish to setup reseller account, one check-box to disable everywhere. Right now every account I setup defaults to a reseller. Nice promotion, but after a while gets a little old for the people "you" are selling to.

    Server > Interface Management >
    Interface preferences

    Hide all unavailable buttons
    Hide all unavailable limits
    Hide all unavailable permissions

    Button groups
    Hide buttons for domain registration
    Hide buttons for certificate purchasing
    Hide buttons for extra services
    Hide mail bouncing controls
    Hide newsfeeds
    Hide Virtuozzo promotion
    Hide Fotolia promotion

    I checked these all but it is all still there, even after a reboot and clearing my history.

    Any ideas?
  2. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    Adding / Removing Icons

    I have tried to remove icons from the client area by going to
    Server > Interface Management > Desktop Presets > Default Client Desktop >

    The Selected tasks on the right are not included on my clients desktop, and a bunch of icons I do not need are on my clients desktop. How do I remove them and add the ones I want?
  3. snyhof

    snyhof Guest

    I have found that you can set options for each button for the admin or the client

    I still need to figure out how to create a new template with presets. Working on that now.

    Server > Interface Management >
    Interface preferences

    Click on the Interface customization template .
    Click on the Show toolbar button.
    Now navigate to different areas and select only those icons you want to show from the Admin, set as adin only, leave the other as default.

    Sitebuilder is disabled in this mode.