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DNS / Creating New Domains not working

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by gravenine, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. gravenine

    gravenine Guest

    I'm rather new to the whole Plesk administration tool and I've been lurking on the boards for the past few weeks.

    I recently picked up a Root Server II from 1and1.com and I'm having some trouble setting it up.

    I've figured out how to set up my own nameservers, point a domain at the server and get it to respond.

    The problem is that in order to accomplish this, I must set up the domain in Plesk as well as 1and1's control panel. It seems like double work. Shouldnt I be able to administer everything through the Plesk admin tool?

    I've seen a post on this board where someone posted "you must make the plesk server your dns server". What, how and why would I do this?

    If anyone could help me I"d appreciate it. Its getting quite frustrating to update two admin panels to get one domain working. IT seems there are too many points of failure and I dont like that one bit.

  2. dombort

    dombort Guest

    Hi there.

    Here's how it works where i am hosted. Not sure if it is the same at your host. I agree btw that it would make sense for all the dns info to be controlled automatically from within PLESK. however, in my case, they have not set it up this way.

    1. I add a new domain inside my plesk control panel.

    2. Plesk creates dns records internally for this domain (like A records, which point web requests to an IP, MX records which point to mail server..).. I don't mess with any of this.

    3. I request that the datacentre where I am hosted adds the dns zone record for that new domain. So they add new A records, MX records etc.. for mynewdomain.com)

    4. I go to the registrar for mynewdomain.com and make sure that the nameservers it is pointing to are the ns1.datacenter.com

    5. The datacentre has added the new dns records for that domain, so now anytime there is a request for mynewdomain.com, it gets sent to my datacentre, which then forwards it to my own install of plesk, which then forardws the request to the appropriate IP.

    Hope this is a bit useful.
  3. gravenine

    gravenine Guest

    Yeah, thats kind of what I do...

    I was under the impression that Plesk could handle all of this.