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DotNetNuke 4.x anybody?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by cmichtech, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. cmichtech

    cmichtech Guest

    While DNN 3.x has some nice features, 4.x is really where DNN fans should be today.

    Anyone interested in working at getting 4.x up? I have a Windows 2003 virtual dedicated at growitonline.com, running SQL Express 2005. It runs Plesk 8.1 which has DNN 3.2.1 available, but while I build sites today, it only makes sense to build them with today's technology. That said, my intension is to use .NET 2.0 rather than 3.0 today.

    I have some sites up on this server running DNN 3.2.1, but when I try to install DNN 4.x, it gets 'messed up'. I believe it to be somewhere in the SQL Connection settings, but not sure.

    If anyone else is interested in working with DNN 4.x, using SQL Express, I would sure appreciate assist. I am a total newbie with SQL.

  2. jvancraa

    jvancraa Guest

    Plesk 8.1 and DNN 4.X

    I manage a Windows 2003 server with over 30 plesk domains and 30 DNN 4.4/4.5 installations using MS-SQL 2000.

    For my domains i wanted:

    1) DNN in the root directory of the domain
    2) DNN 4.X support

    The process I follow to acheive this:

    In Plesk:
    a) Create Customer+domain in Plesk
    b) Create Database+user in Plesk
    c) Create Info@<domain> mailbox

    In Windows:
    d) Copy DNN4.X installation files to httpdocs directory
    d) Rename index.html in httpdocs to blindex.html
    e) Add rights for plesk domain users to httpdocs directory
    f) Add ASPNET user plus relevant rights
    g) Amend web.config file (server/db/dbuser,dbpassword)

    In DotNetNuke (via browswer):
    h) Launch/Install DNN
    i) Follow DNN Installer Userinterface
    j) Log into DNN as Host
    k) Change Host settings (name/mail/language etc)
    i) Config Advanced=>Mail settings
    j) Add additional modules
    k) Add DNN 4.5 Dutch Language pack
    l) Change Home Portal settings (name, language, etc)

    The whole process takes roughly 30 minutes of which the majority is spend on DNN itself. The process should not be different for DNN on MS-SQL Express.

    If you choose to use the same process you should know that integration of DNN with other Visual Developper applications will be slightly more difficult since they both use web.config. Then it may be better to have DNN in a DNN subdirectory on httpdocs.

    TIP 1: If you add a domain allias in plesk you can route www traffic to a Internetdomain to a specific DNN portal by adding the domain name in the httpallias settings in the DNN portal. This way you can run multiple internetdomains on a single DNN installation.

    WARNING: If you run multiple DNN installations on the same server you need a lot of RAM. Each DNN 4.X installation could easily take 40-80 MB RAM.

    TIP2: Due to huge memory consumption I suggest you do not share IP pools when using multiple DNN installs. Each Pleskdomain should use it's own IP Pool.

    It would be really nice if Plesk could automate tasks a to g for us.

    Best Regards,
  3. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
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  4. iTechSquad

    iTechSquad Guest

    Any know way to have Plesk manage the installations per domain like it does for DNN 3.2 on Plesk 8.1 ?

    I find this feature practical and logical. I just can't figure out how to upgrade DNN to 4.7 at it's Plesk source ?