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Filling the menus options

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by eltonm, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. eltonm

    eltonm Guest

    I'm new to Paralles Site builder and I'm having a hard time to understand how the menus work.
    Every single template I have to choose from my linux 4.5 install has:
    Menus on top with banner
    menus on the left
    text on the right
    text on the left
    menus on the right
    menus on the foot.

    Definitely it's too much places for menus, if you infer that many users for this sitebuilder will be small business/personal.
    So I would like to:
    1) How to get ride of the menus on the right/left of the pages, so I have the whole page to publish text?

    2) How to fill the menus options on the left?
    I insert many pages on the PAGES step 3, but then all try to be on the TOP menu.
    I could not find how to make some of the pages goes to the top, some goes to the LEFT menu.
    the Template I'm using is ID:vap-64 but it happens with all other templates I have available.

    Thank you for your time reading and maybe answering. :)
  2. blazesoft

    blazesoft Guest


    Menus on the left or right are Sub pages and only appear if you create a page and then make it a sub pages. On SEP 3 when you create a page click the button that says RIGHT and it will be indentend. Preview the site and you should see.

    You cannot remove menus other then having no subpages

  3. eltonm

    eltonm Guest

    thank you.. that was the right info! :)