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Firewall and Dr. web on plesk 9 for windows

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Suggestions and Feedback' started by invitado47, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. invitado47

    invitado47 Guest


    Is there a firewall module on plesk 9 for windows? I can't find any manual, also for Dr. web is the same, for linux there are many pdf's for download but I can't find any documentation for windows.

    Hope you can help me,

  2. gongcart

    gongcart Guest

    plesk 9 use the default windows firewall, for windows server 2008, I think it is sufficient enough since it allows you to setup rules and restrict ips, for windows server 2003, you can use firewall and ipsec settings.

    If you want to use third party firewall, you have to disable the windows firewall, and the best way to install the third party firewall is not to use remote connection to install it while you have to setup rules.

    For dr. web, which you have to purchase license if you are hosting websites more than 2 or 3 I remembered. I use clamwin which it is good enough and it is free. You can download clamwin here,http://www.clamwin.com/
    after you download it, just setup scan schedule.