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FTP Logs Retention

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Windows Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by RodStr, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. RodStr

    RodStr Basic Pleskian

    Jan 18, 2011
    Likes Received:
    So... I managed to find my FTP logs (using Microsoft FTP integrated with Plesk 10.3.1)...

    The problem is that there does not appear to be any way to change the number of logs maintained.
    Since Microsoft FTP does NOT (as far as I know) perform cleanup on its own Log files, I have to believe
    this is being done in the nightly Plesk traffic logging script. But since that script is encrypted I can't
    read through it to determine if that is the case (and make adjustments).

    Currently there are only 4 files maintained (3 plus the current) and they change nightly at 3:30... which also corresponds to the time that that Plesk traffic logging script runs on our Plesk device.

    Is there a way for me to adjust the number of retained FTP files ?

    Thank you,