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FTP Subaccounts!!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by YeLpO, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. YeLpO

    YeLpO Guest

    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!
    I want to see FTP Subaccounts as a new feature!

  2. nforde

    nforde Guest

    I agree that it would be a very handy feature to create an ftp account for any specific subfolder of a domain.

    eg. a seperate ftp account that would allow access to ONLY the directory www.domain.com/directoryname or www.domain.com/members/directoryname, etc.


    (I did this yesterday and it works perfectly)

    1) Use Plesk to add a web-user (this creates the folder /home/httpd/vhosts/domain.com/web_users/webusername)

    2) The files in this folder are accessible at www.domain.com/~webusername BUT this is not what you usually want! Usually you will want to pick the exact URL, such as www.domain.com/bobsfolder or www.domain.com/members/bobsfolder. All you need to do is create a symbolic link from this URL that points to the webusers folder you created at step 1! (eg. ln -s /home/httpd/vhosts/domain.com/web_users/bob /home/httpd/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/bobsfolder

    3) You then need to change the ownership of this new symbolic link so it's accessible from the web. eg. chown <domainftpuser>.psacln /home/httpd/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/bobsfolder

    That's it. You should now be able to access that folder from either www.domain.com/~bob or www.domain.com/bobsfolder (or whatever other url you choose).

    If anyone knows a better method, please add it to this thread!
  3. matt.simpson

    matt.simpson Basic Pleskian

    Sep 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Yes, I definitely would like to see this one in Plesk. Sub-FTP accounts.

  4. Jerry69

    Jerry69 Guest

    this one of the most popular features...
    I have searched the net... and there are complaints everywhere of this..

    there are hundreds of places that tell you work arounds...

    but here is the thing.
    everyone of these work arounds expect you to be well versed in Linux... which many are not...

    correct me if i'm wrong here, but...
    everything that plesk does can be done in linux...

    I listen to the experts on webhostingtalk.com, and they always say, control panels are for those that do not know there way around linux.

    everything CP's do can be done by command line scripts...

    because i do not know linux (AT ALL)
    i got plesk, to do it for me, with such a basic service as making FTP accounts (or rather private FTP group acounts), not being supported, makes me wonder about this CP...

    I have been cramming for a week now (without sleeping) trying to figure out how to make one FTP directory accessable to a group of about 100 users each with there own username and passwords...
    this apparently cannot be done in plesk

    I have been self teaching myself linux and trying to put up an ftp server myself....
    as a result, of trying to put
    proftpd 1.2.10

    i have partial installs all over my root linux directories...
    a huge frigging mess
    I don't want to delete anything as i could bring my whole server down...

    and still it doesn't work
    would love to hire someone to do this, but...
    1- i need to know how to do this myself, as i will be adding servers in a few weeks
    2- this is why i got plesk in the first place, so i didn't have to stay up for weeks on end trying to figure it out. this should be their job... to them it would be simple..
    to me it is a nightmare.

    it took me all night last week just to figure out how to communicate with linux root...
    and then took the rest of the day again to figure out how to upload files...
    (most telnet software assume you know to use rz... it says no where step by step instructions)

    I hope this isn't asking too much, but your work around is too vague for me,
    could you or anyone explain it step by step in detail, i think this is what i'm looking for...
    how do you create a symbolic link?
    how do you change ownership and chown it?
  5. matt.simpson

    matt.simpson Basic Pleskian

    Sep 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Erm, I don't agree with that at all. Not even a little bit. In fact, you shouldn't be running a web-hosting company / server if you know nothing about Linux. Yes, everyone has to start somewhere, but that somewhere is not with your own dedicated web-hosting server.

    Control Panels are made to ease the matter of managing your website for customers (end-users) and maybe make a few routine tasks simpler for the server administrators.

    The biggest problem with Plesk and other control panels as I see it, is the same problem I have with Microsoft's Windows. They try to make things easy for people who just don't get it, or are just starting out. That makes me so mad, because you know what that does? Creates _stupid_ bugs; bugs that would not exist if they designed the app more for higher level admins.

    Not all software should be designed this way, but server administration software should damn well be written with this in mind.

    I'm not knocking you for knowing nothing about Linux, don't get me wrong I have no problem with that. I just have a problem with software being written for faint of heart in mind. Good administration software, is software that is stable 1st, designed 1st, well documented 2nd, and easy to use 3rd.

    That's my personal opinions anyways.

    Q: how do you create a symbolic link?
    A: ln -s /full/path/to/target /full/path/to/link

    Q: how do you change ownership and chown it?
    A: chown user:group filename.txt

    You can get more information on a command usually using "command --help" or "man command"

  6. Jerry69

    Jerry69 Guest

    sorry bud,
    i can't see your point .

    I am of the opinion,
    You don't have to be an auto mechanic to drive a car.
    does it help?
    Yes, if you buy an old Junker
    NO, not if the car is built well and has a warrantee, you can spend those years it would have taken you to apprentice as a mechanic, to do something more advantageous to what you want to do.

    you can drive a vintage 1898 horseless carriage.
    I'll drive my 2003 Buick

    difference is,
    you know how it works and how to fix it.
    I buy an extended warrantee, so i don't have to know how it works

    btw, is this not possible?
    you own an internet business that sell things (you know everything about)
    the site(s) become larger and soon need to be on a server of it's own, because shared bandwidth is no longer feasible...
    so you buy everything you need to continue
    -server computer
    -redhat enterprise
    -plesk cp

    then you find out plesk, will not do some of the most common things your competitor's do...

    from what your saying, i should close up shop, and go back to school, till i'm qualified...
    what i'm saying is i purchase something to do a job, if i knew how to do it, i would most likely , not be doing what it is i am doing now.
    [/rebuttal] :)

    i know this is a huge newbie question,
    but i'm learning...
    when you said,
    "ln -s /full/path/to/target /full/path/to/link"

    do you mean log into telnet and from the root directory, type this exactly (changing it to my path once)

    "chown user:group filename.txt"
    not sure about this at all

    newbies like me a very glad to have people like you to help them.
  7. nforde

    nforde Guest

    Woah... easy up boys!

    I think most people would agree -

    YES, it would be a good feature in Plesk (and it should already be there!)

    NO, you shouldn't have to log in to the command prompt and do this sort of stuff because it should be there. However it's not a perfect world and Plesk isn't the perfect control panel (yet!).

    If you have a Linux server, even if it has a control panel like Plesk installed, you still really need to learn the Linux basics or employ someone who knows at least the basics.

    Regarding the newbie questions about chmod and stuff like that, this forum isn't really the place for it and there are plenty of tutorials on the web that would explain these commands better than we could here.

    For example, just search google for 'chmod tutorial' - here's the first result that looks good - http://catcode.com/teachmod/

    Here's a good one I just found for learning the Linux basics.

    Anyway, in general just use Google to search for help and you will find plenty.

    Good luck!

    ps. In answer to your questions about the ln command - you can type it from any location as long as you use the FULL path.
  8. Jerry69

    Jerry69 Guest

    sorry, i didn't mean to sound harsh,
    It's just that,
    I got this server on the advice of our isp...
    the shared server, was just not enough

    they told me, they'd set up redhat, plesk and all i'd have to do is figure out plesk,
    which i have done (or tried to do-it is not easy either for a newbie)

    should i be upset at our host?
    i don't think so, it's not his responsibility to know every possible feature of a particular software.
    should i be mad at plesk?
    i don't think so, perhaps it's being planned, there is certainly interest for it...
    should i be upset at myself?
    no, i was not told everything up front, nor did i know what to ask.
    if i had known what to ask, and exactly what i needed, i may have gone with another CP maker. but i like plesk, i am used to it now,...

    I don't think it is the wrong place, considering this is a feature plesk should have...
    I have been going through tutorials for a week...
    most expect you to know the basics...
    I downloaded Absolute Telnet...
    was finally able to figure out how to log on, and was pleased to find a website that told conversion commands from dos to linux, like dir -> ls etc...
    this helped because i know a few dos commands from the dos 5.0 win 3.1 days
    (but what if i didn't, i'd be in a real pickle)
    i then tried to upload a file my server using the tranfer tab then upload... it did not work.. i spent that whole day trying to figure it out... no where does it say
    type rz at the command prompt

    tis may be simple to you, but to me?
    8 hours... and that is with a basic understanding of dos

    the tutorials i've seen are not basic enough

    Thanks for ll your guys your help

    it would be nice to hear from the pleck guys on this subject :)
  9. YeLpO

    YeLpO Guest

    Not just for admins

    Many hosting hosting companies who use PLESK do not offer system access for their customers. Therefore FTP subaccounts should be offered within the PLESK control panel. How hard can it be to implement this? C'mon SWSOFT release a new version soon.
  10. todd.bryant

    todd.bryant Guest

    Put simply if its your server and you run it yourself, as in its not just a box provided by an ISP which they manage then you HAVE to know linux to run a webserver.

    For example if you get hackers attacking your server, you wont be able to stop them through plesk.

    Or if HTTPS goes down, well you now need to start it up again, and since https is plesk you cant load plesk, your only option is going into the console.
    So you can't tell me that plesk does everything you need as plesk is run by a service on an OS. If that service dies at the least you need to know how to get it running again.

    On the note of the car thing, you need to know how to drive a car to actually drive it, you took it one step to far, you took it to the advanced level driving a car is the basics.
    The inability to drive a car resulting in an accident voids any warranty.

    In other words to run a server through plesk and only plesk not knowing linux is a recipe for disaster. You better hope hackers dont get an idea about how little you know about hosting and begin attacking your server.

    Anyway back on the topic, if you want FTP subaccounts you can do that work around, or jsut add them to the config file manually :p
  11. YeLpO

    YeLpO Guest


    The work around is ony possible for ppl with system access right?
  12. todd.bryant

    todd.bryant Guest

    Correct, you need console access to atleast the websites folder. If you have administrative Plesk access, then you should be able to allow shell access for a user.

    Then log int othe console under that user and create the symbolic link in their sites httpdocs folder.
  13. JoaoCorreia

    JoaoCorreia Guest

    FTP Subaccounts ...

    I would also like to see that feature ! FTP Sub accounts.

    Joao Correia
  14. YeLpO

    YeLpO Guest

    many hosting co's dont offer shell access so this would be good for their users...
  15. todd.bryant

    todd.bryant Guest

    Correct but in saying that you can ask your hostying company and they might do the workaround for you, I know I would.
  16. YeLpO

    YeLpO Guest

    ive asked many and they wont do it.. :( keeping my fingers crossed that SWSoft will incorporate this small little feature in the next update.
  17. thedevilman

    thedevilman Guest

    Sorry for resurrecting such an old topic. This was the closest thing i could find to what i am trying to accomplish.

    I need to create a few ftp accounts that will all have access to a subfolder within a domain. I need each ftp users home directory to be that subfolder so that they will go directly to that subfolder when they ftp in and cannot navigate above it. For example...

    Folder name:

    ftp users with access to sharredfolder:

    When any of these users ftp in, i need them to be taken directly to the domain.com/sharredfolder where they will all have permissions to upload and download files to and from.

    The reason i need to do this is that there are a few html pages that display from various areas of one of my websites that are all regularly updated by these few users. Rather than having those users send me the updated html files all of the time via email, i would like to just give them access to the folder where those html files are located so that the website pages in question are automatically updates as soon as they upload the new files. This would save everyone a lot of time and they would no longer have to wait for me to upload the updated files myself.

    I tried several variations of the instructions in the beginning of this topic but with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
  18. thedevilman

    thedevilman Guest

    Ok, so i overcame most of the battle via the instructions here...

    However i still need to make it so that the directory is writable for multiple users. Any ideas on how to add other users access to a folder in this way?

    Any help would be greatly apprciated. thX again!
  19. thedevilman

    thedevilman Guest