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*** Help At Least 2 Major Problems

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Serotonin, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Serotonin

    Serotonin Guest

  2. pavel

    pavel Guest

    Service unavailable error may occur when application pool for specified domain is
    stopped because of numerous errors. These errors are logged in Event Viewer log. It may happen when a web script is not correct and IIS 6 automatically stops the application pool.
    To disable application pool stopping (actually not really good idea) yo can do the following:

    Run IIS Manager, go to Application Pools, right click on the problem application pool
    ->properties ->health ->toggle off Enable rapid-fail protection checkbox.

    You can remove session lock using following method:
    1. Click on Start -> Run -> cmd.exe
    2. Go to the directory where mysql is installed, by default it will be:
    cd "c:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\mysql\bin"
    3. Run mysql:
    mysql -uadmin -p psa
    it will ask you for the password, type your Plesk admin password;
    4. Clear session locks:
    delete from lockout;

    After that you should be able to access Control Panel. You can manage session parameters through Plesk CP -> Server -> Session Settings.
  3. Serotonin

    Serotonin Guest

    The session command thing doesn't work either.

    Is there another way - deleting the admin account or something. I cant find it in the users in Local Users and Groups.

    Where in/what should i look out for in event log? - I don't think I can find anything relevant.

    Toggling off Enable rapid-fail protection makes the pages search then time out?
  4. pavel

    pavel Guest

    Probably MySQL is installed in a different location on your server. Or if the error is not path-related please copy&paste error message and corresponding command used to allow us to provide some recomendations.

    Check System event log through Start -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer and look for warnings / errors from "W3SVC" source.

    Here is a part of IIS6 documentation regarding rapid-fail protection:
  5. Serotonin

    Serotonin Guest

    My boot partition is e:

    Apart from changing
    cd "c:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\mysql\bin" to
    cd "e:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\mysql\bin"

    what might I need to adjust to make the command work.

    After installing Plesk 7.0.2 I chose custom installation and set both main entries to install everything on disk

    I haven't had functionality of this for over a week now.
  6. visupport

    visupport Guest

    Correct command line syntax is as follows:

    cd /d %plesk_dir%/mysql/bin
    mysql -uadmin -p[CP admin pwd] psa

    Additionaly, if your event application log states that application pool identity is invalid, you should synchronize IUSR_xxx password in 3 places:

    1. Change problem domain anonymous user IUSR_xxx password in Computer Management (you can set any password you want)

    2. Set this password for service unavailable domain and application pool anonymous user in IIS.;)

    IIS6 isolation suppose that every domain is in a separate process running at credentials of specially created user.
    If one domain fails, other are alive and available. This is actually a great Win2003 IIS6 feature...