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Horde not always redirecting mail or delivering to POP3 clients

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by sflc2000, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. sflc2000

    sflc2000 Guest

    A client reported to me today that he has not received mail all day. I sent a test message - it bounced saying that his Inbox was full. I logged into Horde with his info and initially the Inbox showed -0- but then I clicked "inbox" and it showed 370 messages.

    This user has been using POP3 access and seemed to be getting messages. But obviously not all. It seems Qmail was sending some to his POP3 when he checked mail but not all, some went to his Maildir.

    Meanwhile, I checked one of my own email accounts that uses Redirect ... on that account the Inbox contains over 47000 email messages!!

    But ..I have been getting mail (but I guess not all) for a while.

    * Anyone ever had problems like this? Mail getting stuck or something or just some but not all being processed by Qmail?

    I'm just getting into this - if anyone has suggestions, ie: what messages, files, etc., that would help on this post please let me know...

    - Thanks
  2. sflc2000

    sflc2000 Guest

    Ok - narrowed it down some, here's the background:

    RedHat 9, Plesk 7, Apache 2, standard versions of Qmail, PHP, Horde that come with the Plesk 7 rpm.

    No odd info in any mail or other logs.

    Redirect - some accounts had both "redirect" and "mailbox" options checked which sometimes causes copies to be sent to both. That's ok now.

    POP3 - narrowed it down to one client's domain, which has approx 30 email accounts setup which all use Outlook.

    They receive messages but on some of the mail account's mail is left on the server after download.

    When I login to Horde as the user I see:
    inbox - 0

    ** But if I click the "inbox" link I go to the inbox page and see several messages, all of which are the ones being left on the server.

    The client tried deleting the messages and checked his Outlook config but it's still happening.

    Am going to try to see if there is a queue-repair equivalent for Maildir's... is there one??