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how i can buy the Customer and Business Manager option?

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by LegolasTheElf, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. LegolasTheElf

    LegolasTheElf Basic Pleskian

    Mar 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi all,
    i think this it can be more a site usability problem, but after being crazy i try to ask here.

    Unil today, i've one Plesk server with 300 domains and almost all thinkable options on it, buyed via partner (OVH) in months fee.

    Today i've buyed another license fol 30 domains for starting to split our services, and what i've thinked was that via Customer and business manager i can make the commercial work without problem splitter dove the 2 servers...
    but here is where the problems begins.

    i've all two servers with OS Linux 2.6.32-5-686-bigmem, Panel version 10.4.4 Update #15, but when i'm going into license info i found:

    Server 1:
    User accounts (resellers and customers) Unlimited
    Domains 300
    Domain aliases Unlimited
    Mail accounts Unlimited
    Web users Unlimited
    Language packs 2
    Available languages Any language
    Links for purchasing SSL certificates and domain registration services On
    Valid for the following environments: Physical server or any virtualization solution
    PostgreSQL database server support On
    Java applications On
    Traffic usage reports On
    Notifications management On
    Event manager On
    Logging of actions performed by Panel users On
    Backup and restoration functions On
    Subdomains management On
    Adobe ColdFusion support On
    Antivirus management On
    Sites published with Web Presence Builder 0
    Migration manager On
    Remote database hosting On
    Mail queue management On
    User accounts (resellers and customers) in Customer and Business Manager 0
    Concerto mode Off

    server 2

    Account utente (rivenditori e clienti) Illimitato
    Domini 30
    Alias di dominio Illimitato
    Account di posta Illimitato
    Utenti web Illimitato
    Language pack 2
    Linguaggi disponibili Qualsiasi linguaggio
    Collegamenti per acquistare certificati SSL e servizi di registrazione di domini On
    Valido per i seguenti ambienti: Server fisico o qualsiasi soluzione di virtualizzazione
    Supporto di server database PostgreSQL On
    Applicazioni Java On
    Report sull'utilizzo del traffico On
    Gestione di notifiche On
    Gestore di eventi On
    Registro di azioni realizzate dagli utenti del Pannello On
    Funzioni di backup e ripristino On
    Gestione di sottodomini On
    Supporto di Adobe ColdFusion On
    Gestione antivirus On
    Siti pubblicati con Web Presence Builder 0
    Manager di Migrazione On
    Hosting del database remoto On
    Gestione della coda di posta On
    User accounts (resellers and customers) in Customer and Business Manager 0
    Modo Concerto Off

    so ok, i've seen:
    User accounts (resellers and customers) in Customer and Business Manager 0
    and i've thinked that ok, i've to buy Customer and Business Manager options.
    and there begins trouble:

    over OVH i've searched a lot. nada. nothing zero. a lot of other things, but you can't buy Customer and Business Manager.
    so i've gone to see into parallels site. i've simply found old plesk billing but for Customer and Business Manager NOTHING. not a price, nor a way to order it, an idea of the licensing, NOTHING.

    i've searched for around a couple of ours, an all i can find is the totally useless "sales contact form" that i've tried to use around hundred of times in past five years without a single contact.

    So, where i can found ANY NEWS over buying Customer and Business Manager, and how can i find costs and way to buy for my 2 servers?

    it seemslike the last time that i've buyed parallels plesk support, disappeared into the fog....
  2. VyReN LLC

    VyReN LLC Guest

    You need to contact your hosting company, they hold your license keys. I've had servers with GoDaddy and 1&1 here in the states and all I ever had to do was contact them and purchase the license with the Customer and Business Manager option. I'm pretty sure (but may be very wrong) that when you do not purchase your license directly from Parallels you need to talk to the "owner" of that license, in your case OVH.
  3. Blake@Parallels

    Blake@Parallels Regular Pleskian

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Seattle, WA
    That is correct.