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How to restore a back-up with timing conflicts?

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Linux Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by Seanio15, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Seanio15

    Seanio15 Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm completely new to Parallels and really am not very technically savvy.
    I had hired a server administrator to do all this for me, but due to unforeseen circumstances he's no longer available so I'm left to do this on my own for now...

    My server's encountered some sort of database error over the last week, which has rendered my website and all administrative software (including the Parallels panel) inaccessible unless the server is reset. I know it's a database error since I'm running a social network, which has forum and chat room software integrated into it. I get specific database line errors for the chat room, the forum is completely inaccessible and just states "database error" and the social network software doesn't update when anything is posted/anyone signs up. The problem is, I know nothing about databases or phpMyAdmin so can't fix it myself..

    Whilst I'm looking for someone to help fix this, my site is basically not functioning, so I'm looking for a temporary fix for now, and hoping that restoring a back-up from the day before things started going south will fix things.. Whether or not this is the correct thing to do doesn't really matter, since I need to know how to restore backups anyway!

    Now, when I go into the back-up manager (Tools & Settings>Backup Manager) I'm presented with a list of the last 10 backups of the system (It's currently set to back up every morning and stores the last 10). I click on the backup from the 17th of April (the one I want to restore) and select all checkboxes to restore (including suspend domains) and select to "ask me what to do" if conflicts occur.

    After hitting "restore" I'm given a list of conflicts, such as user accounts, customers, domains, roles, e-mail addresses etc. that already exist in the panel. The error is simply "cannot restore XXXX because it already exists in the panel".. I assume I bypass this?

    So I continue with the "Next" button, but it presents me with the following "timing conflict" message:

    "Timing conflicts occur either when the restored object already exists in the system with more recent modification date, or when the restored object is not currently present in the system.

    Resolution policy:

    ---Use configuration and data from backup
    (Completely overwrite object configuration and data currently present in the system with configuration and data from the backup file. If the restored object currently belongs to a different owner, the object will be restored under the former owner.)

    ---Use configuration from current system and data from backup

    (Overwrite current object data with data from the backup file, but keep object configuration currently present in the system. If the restored object currently belongs to a different owner, the object will be restored under the current owner.)

    ---Do not restore

    (Do not restore objects that have timing conflicts.)"

    This is the part I don't quite understand?

    Which option should I select here? Is this simply saying that there have been more recent backups that I may choose to restore instead of the one I selected?

    Unfortunately, this isn't something I just want to "guess" with as I can't afford to "screw anything up" (for lack of a better term) on my site. I'm unable to download all my site files via FTP as it is due to permissions errors (for which I don't know what the correct change is, and if I try changing the CHMOD number of one of the files I can't download to 777, it automatically resets back to 600 anyway!), so this is my only option for backing up and restoring, I think...

    I've tried downloading the .tar file of this backup and exploring to try and find my site files, but the structure of this backup seems completely different to what I'm used to and can't seem to find any site files at all?

    So my questions here are:

    Which option do I select to restore a back-up with timing conflicts?

    Is this the right "temporary" solution to fix any database errors (simply by restoring everything to a previously working state)?

    And also is there a way I can download all my site files directly through the Parallels panel, in a .zip/.tar file so that I know I can make manual copies of the SITE at least, if need be?

    .... Also, if anyone's a freelance developer/server admin I have some urgent jobs if you're looking for work!

    Any help anyone can provide on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading this... And I apologise for my lack of knowledge/confidence!

    P.S - I need to restore the back-up from the 17th, and this will be replaced by any future back-ups soon (and I've no idea how to change this setting!) so if responses could come as soon as possible that would be great, so the back-up I need to restore isn't overwritten. Thanks!
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 22, 2012