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I misses www.

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by audun1, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. audun1

    audun1 Guest

    YES i have the problem to. Butt is there a way so it will come automatic everytime a new sub domain is created. So I don't have the job of editing the httpd.include for all my clients..

    On this subject i misses cpanel. Butt i will not change:)

    EDIT::::: WHAT A . This post shod have been in Poll: Subdomain with www ......post.. Moderator can you move it hehe.. So verry sorry sorry sorry:confused:
  2. audun1

    audun1 Guest

    I have tryd a lott whit DNS zones and stuff. Butt nothing works.
    I accessed the pc and changes the httpd.include on the domains conf folder. Then the DNS viewe change to that i want it to be. Butt i cant creat www.forum.domain.com in Plesk just in the text editior.

    Butt is there posible to make a default DNS in plesk thats says

    www.<sub>.<domain> i don't now if its <sub> butt can this work?

    This way I dont have to edit the httpd.include to all the domain on the server on all the sub domain.

    Sorry for my bad English

    Edit: I mean make a (A) zone whit this

    www.<sub>.<domain>       A         <sub>.<domain>