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i want my IP back!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jaimz, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. jaimz

    jaimz Guest

    ok, so when I add an IP too my network connection, plesk automatically binds too it.

    But I don't want plesk to bind too it.

    My server has 3 IPs.

    I want 2 to be used by plesk. Then I need one to be free'd of plesk's stronghold. I need to use it for another apache installation that I use for testing (testing I cannot do with plesk)

    I've done this once before using plesk 7, but I can't remember how I did it. it's been 2 years since I did it on plesk 7.

    any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. andrey@

    andrey@ Guest

    I really could not understand you, what do you mean - "plesk automatically binds too it"?
  3. arazas

    arazas Guest

    Means Plesk is showing all three IP's in the IP's list and he dont want have the 3rd IP in Plesk.

    Why dont you leave it as it is in Plesk it will not affect on your config with apache
  4. andrey@

    andrey@ Guest

    Plesk shows all IP after IP reread operation is called. It is called at first login and when Plesk admin click IP reread button in control panel. Plesk for Windows may know all IP, but only Plesk admin decides which IP is used by Plesk, other is always .unused by Plesk. So I do not see a problem. Also Plesk for Windows do not somewhere affect apache's config, because that manage IIS...
  5. alexvr

    alexvr Guest

    Just don't use this IP in Plesk and everything will be OK.

    Alex V.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 4, 2012