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Installing under Debian is a pain

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by death, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. death

    death Guest

    Hello Folks

    Maybe I'm doing something completely wrong. But after I was trying to install 7.5.4 under debian for 10 hours with no success i gave up. Here a List of Troubles I had:

    Autoinstaller Version 7.5.4:
    - Plesk complains about that user root or admin doesn't exist in mysql (debian does not have a root user for mysql-server) I had to create a root user manually and set the password to NULL.

    - After restarting the Autoinstaller, it complains about that /etc/psa/psa.key isn't acessible (yes, it's a totally fresh installation)

    - After fixing the above Issue it does complain about not finding /opt/psa/apache2/httpsd.pem (or something).

    - Each time I restarted the Autoinstaller I had to remove the installed .deb Pakages with dpkg.

    Issues with 7.5.4 deb-Package installation:
    - apt complains about unmet depencies of php5-common. This package doesn't exist in sarge
    - conflict with package php4-domxml (or similar)
    - well known problem with unmet depencies (mysql-server requires mail-daemon-client which is exim4 which doesn't allow to install psa-qmail).
    - After failing Installation the package psa-imp isn't removable. One has to delete the content of /var/lib/dpkg/info/psa-imp.postrm which checks for mysql database and admin password

    Issues with 7.5.3 auto installer had also unmet depencies. After all I gave up.

    Am I doing something completely wrong or is it plesk that DOESNT really support installing under debian?

    I am using sarge.

    Kind Regards Stefan
  2. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    That's not the support forum. That's the users forum. I've installed plesk on debian box and it works fine. But I installed it using APT, so I can't say whether autoinstaller work under Debian.
  3. death

    death Guest

    Where else should I post it to find others with similar problems?

    Please be more specific with the type of your installation.

    You installed plesk with deb? You mean with dpkg? Which version did you install? Which version of debian did you have success with?

    I managed to install another debian box with dpkg -i the .deb-packages, but that was with version 7.5.3 which I couldn't download anymore this weekend.

    Regards Stefan
  4. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    This is incorrect in this forum:

    "Please fix this issues asap, or at least remove debian from the supported OS list."
  5. death

    death Guest

    I'm sorry bout that. Removed it ;)

    It changes nothing about the fact that this is really a pain.

    Someone experienced similar problems with 7.5.4 autoinstaller under debian 3.1 ?
  6. death

    death Guest

    Got it working

    Ok, finally I managed to get it working.

    But I had to reinstall the whole server (with debootstrap under debian, no problem).

    Then I could install Plesk 7.5.4 (without Tomcat4) with the autoinstaller.

    The main Problem seemed to be, that if an installation under Debian fails, Autoinstaller thinks that plesk is already installed and concluses about files in packages that failed. Does something similar to "Uninstall Plesk" or "Remove Plesk totally" exist? So one could (on a new installation which failed), run this command and begin from Start.

    The only thing i didn't get working was tomcat4 because of failed depencies. But I don't need tmcat anyways.
    Second problem is then with migration manager which complains about something tomcat related (strange, tomcat isn't installed, either on source nor on destination server). But I saw some posts on this forum about this.