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LANGUAGES paid for not there in v.8 !!!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by JohnB@, May 1, 2006.

  1. JohnB@

    JohnB@ Guest

    It is simply not acceptable that all the languages we have paid for (when buying v. 7.5) are now missing in v.8 !!!! It has been 6 weeks that SWsoft released v.8 and still only 3 additional language skins. Please get your act together, SWsoft -- ESPECIALLY given you are charging quite high fees for all this! Legally this is probably even a breach of the contract, isn't it?

  2. dm__@

    dm__@ Guest

    Please read the forum rules. All such a screaming should be targeted to Plesk support instead of forum.
  3. JohnB@

    JohnB@ Guest

    We need more customers screeming.

  4. Lars@

    Lars@ Guest

    I am screaming too!

    - They don't hear us scream because they don't listen to what their users want.
    - Their users (=we as admins) are not their customers (=webhosters with xxx installations)

    - The only requests SWsoft reacts on are if the big webhosters demanding a new feature or fixing of a bug.

    But you have to look closer at this forum:

    - It's a "not official support" forum from SWsoft.
    - All other forums have moderators except the Plesk 8.0.0 forums.
    - Are they afraid of tough qestions like:
    --- "How to manage a domain with Plesk without Plesk creating a zonfile?"
    --- "When will there be an update of Spamassassin to 3.1.1 or phpMyAdmin to a current version?"

    They read but don't listen.
    Even worse, they don't act. Google search:'problems "Plesk 8"'

  5. k.satirli

    k.satirli Guest

    actually, the whole forum deal is not the offical way to get support from SWS.

    if you need support - you can use the facility in your plesk panel - its either paid for support or free, depending on where you bought the key.

    and I'd rather have the devs working on the next bugfix than browse the forums for pointless questions...
  6. Redah

    Redah Guest