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Left Menu become to long!!

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by nude2life, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. nude2life

    nude2life Guest

    hei, my customer using this sitebuilder as blog for few years and now the left menu sort by month of the years become very long!!
    January, 2008
    February, 2008
    March, 2008
    April, 2008
    May, 2008
    June, 2008
    July, 2008
    August, 2008
    September, 2008
    October, 2008
    November, 2008
    December, 2008
    January, 2009
    February, 2009
    March, 2009
    April, 2009
    May, 2009
    June, 2009
    July, 2009
    August, 2009
    September, 2009
    October, 2009
    November, 2009
    December, 2009
    January, 2010
    February, 2010

    any idea how to solve this problem?