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Locked myself out with IP Access restriction

Discussion in 'Plesk 9.x for Windows Suggestions and Feedback' started by KevinS, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. KevinS

    KevinS Guest

    So I didn't realize that the control panel IP access restriction would also lock out local host requests... I found the KB article talking about how to undo this through mySql, but I am using Microsoft SQL server 2005 for the psa database... I can't seem to figure out how to undo these ip access restrictions. Can someone help me figure out what to do in mssql?

  2. Nick Mitchell

    Nick Mitchell Guest

    Or just make your ip the one in the access list. Add an ip in the same range to the plesk server and then change your ip to be the one in the access list then fix it and change your ip back. Given your on the same LAN as the Plesk server. Just a suggestion.
  3. KevinS

    KevinS Guest

    that doesn't work either, there were no IP's in the access list, Including the local IP's.
    I didn't imagine that changing an IP access list would ever completely lock out even local administrators. This seems kinda dumb that you have to add the localhost IP to stop from being locked out, just figured I would shut out all other web access. But what do I know....

    Anyone out there from support? These forums are super dead, not really a good sign for this product. :-(
  4. KevinS

    KevinS Guest

    ok, so I figured it out... for anyone else that may ever have this question.

    First off I have zero experience with mssql databases, so I was pretty much runnin blind here.

    So when I installed Plesk I had it install and use, Microsoft SQL server 2005.
    Before you can edit the Plesk database you should download SQL server management Studio express, which is free from Microsoft.

    Once that is installed on the server running plesk, load it up and you should be able to log into the SQL server using the default admin login for windows.

    On the left side you see object explorer, open the following
    Databases>psa>Tables then find and right-click on dbo.cp_access - click Open Table. Delete all the entrys you see there.

    Once done with that, then find dbo.misc and open that table, at the top of that list there is a param called "Access_Policy" for the val change that to "allow"

    That should get you back into your control panel.

    To the admins, I know this may seem easy enough by looking at the KB article, but all that is referenced there is using a command-line if you are using mysql. For those that aren't familiar with the other database types, it would be nice to update the KB with other methods.