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Looking for business partners

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by xerex, Aug 9, 2004.

  1. xerex

    xerex Guest

    The server is Windows based, as for the type of partnership this would let me explain to you where I am at. I have a Dual Zeon 2.8 with 2 Gig's of RAM and 6 36 Gig. Ultra SCSI 320 Drives which comprise a RAID 5 array that yield approx. 120 Gig's of storage with one hot spare, and redundant power supplies

    The server is running Windows 2003 Standard and Plesk 7.0 located in a Level 3 datacenter in Chicago IL. I have a Fortinet firewall in between the server and the outside world to provide a very high level of protection. It is connected to a 100 MBps burstable pipe, which then in turn is connected to several OC-192's spanning the U.S.

    As far as the market I am looking to hit, I would prefer it to be small to medium sized companies; however I will offer services to residential customers as well. At this time I am highly considering that any material can be hosted, with the exclusion of anything illegal of course. Another market that appeals to me, are potential clients that currently have service but for whatever reason may be unhappy with their current level of support, or pricing.

    As far as my qualifications, I'm 25 and have had several years working in the IT field. I have held a variety of positions to include systems analyst, MIS manager, Field support technician, and as an IT consultant.

    If you could tell me a little bit about yourself to include your background that would be appreciated, after which we can talk greater into detail. Email me if you are intrested, lso feel free to email me your resume to
  2. BillionNamesGod

    BillionNamesGod Guest


    just out of interest, where do people host illegal stuff?

    i.e. do isps check dedicated boxes for illegal stuff?
  3. xerex

    xerex Guest

    Some ISPs check the contenet of the server they own and rent out, as for everyone else it is my opinion that big brother watches. After big brother finds illegal content they then contact the ISP and it is thier legal and morale obligation to cooperate with the authorities.