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Mail Groups not working for one address

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by slawrence10, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. slawrence10

    slawrence10 Guest


    I've got mail groups set up for our companies emails so that they are distributed as required.

    So for example
    patrick@site.com has it's own mailbox, but also goes to kathryn@site.com (kathryn@site.com is displayed in "Mail Group").

    Now this works fine, however I've done the same for enquiries@site.com
    which has it's own mailbox, but goes to patrick@site.com, kathryn@site.com and katie@site.com
    when you click "Mail Group" all three are displayed. Also Mail Group is Switched on.

    However it's not going to the other three emails, emails are stored in the mailbox for enquiries but bot being passed on.

    Also, I've gone to the relevant email addresses (kathryn , patrick & katie), hit "Groups" and checked that each are a member of enquiries.

    But it's not working, does anyone have any ideas why? or if I'm doing something wrong?

    Thanks for your time,