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Mail problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Marien, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Marien

    Marien Guest

    I've got a problem with sending mail from the server.

    I've got a domain (@blabla.com) with mail turned off in plesk and the mx-record with the highest priority point at an external mailserver.

    All normal mail works just fine but when I try to send an email from the server using something like
    The email get's bounced, even if I specify the Sender(From)

    Any ideas, cause this gives me headaches

  2. IntuitiveNipple

    IntuitiveNipple Guest

    PHP will be using the internal sendmail, unless you've specifically configured it to use an external smtp server.
  3. Marien

    Marien Guest

    Where can I find this setting?

    We used to have 2 other servers where this was no problem.
    Not all the domains on the server have a own external mailserver.
    How can we solve this?

    This is how it should be:

    -Mail turned off in Plesk
    -External mailserver configured
    Mail from PHP is send to mailserver (first MX record)

    -Mail turned on in Plesk
    Mail from PHP is send internal.
  4. Marien

    Marien Guest

    It looks like Plesk is not communicating very well with qmail.

    Turning off the mail in Plesk should do the trick, but it seems qmail doesn't know anything about that.

    Can anyone help me with this problem at SWSOFT, it seems like a bug!?
  5. IntuitiveNipple

    IntuitiveNipple Guest

    "bounced" can mean a lot of things. What is the exact error report from the MTA that is bouncing the mail, and what are the headers of that email?
  6. Marien

    Marien Guest

    The bounce is caused by the fact that the server can't find the mailbox. We solved the problem just now by

    removing the domain from the following files:

    And remove the complete directory entirely

    This did the trick, also turning off and on the domain seems to do the same.
    Problems occured after a migration from 7.5 plesk server.
  7. danberlyoung

    danberlyoung Guest

    Where would those bounced messages be stored?

    Is there any way to get the body of those bounced messages? I had this same situation happen to me and lost a number of customer inquiries due to it. Are the messages stored in some error log or mail queue somewhere?

    Thanks in advance!