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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by slackie, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. slackie

    slackie Guest

    i see a lot of intances of memailfilter.exe running in the task manager on my one server (server a), which is supposedly the same as my other server (server b). however, server b never has any instances of memailfilter.exe running on it.

    i want to know what memailfilter.exe does?

    is it antivirus or spam assassin? if so i do not want to remove them as i don't need them. i cannot find anywhere to remove anti virus or spam assassin.

    please help
  2. Rubal

    Rubal Guest

  3. Ybuts

    Ybuts Guest

    Memafilter checks the incoming messages on spam add viruses. This filter runs every time when it gets the message.
  4. Rubal

    Rubal Guest

    Exactly .. Its a third party MailEnable Addon.

  5. OlegB

    OlegB Guest

    Actually memailfilter.exe is our company tool written by our developers.
    In next version of Plesk we will refuse from this mechanism of calling memailfilter for every incoming mail message. Will utilize another filtering mechanism and there will no a lot of processes.
  6. slackie

    slackie Guest

    renamed memailfilter.exe

    hi oleg.

    is there anyway of stopping memailfilter.exe from being used at the moment? can i un-install it?

    i tried disabling the plesk spam assassin service and that didn't work.

    so then i simply renamed memailfilter.exe to another filename and it now stops coming up.

    is that ok?

  7. OlegB

    OlegB Guest

    memailflter.exe is responsible for antivirus, spam filtering for mail. Also it's responsible for mail auto responder. If you will disable this module then mail messages will not be filtered at all. And all these featured will be missed.

    But if you want to disable memailfilter.exe completely you just need to disable pick up event handler in MailEnable.

    To disable pick up event handler go here:
    Mail Enable Administrator MMC > Servers > localhost > Agents > MTA > Properties > Enable pick up event > Uncheck the check box.
  8. stevenails

    stevenails Guest

    plesk with new memailfilter.exe

    from which version of plesk, memailfilter.exe is replaced by the new process you mentioned in the thread?

    i´m running plesk 7.5.6

    is it in generell recommended to upgrade this version?

  9. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Mail filters were redesigned since Plesk 7.6.1.
    However I recommend you to upgrade your Plesk instance to latest Plesk 8.3.