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Resolved multi-run plesk migration manager

Discussion in 'Plesk 12.x for Linux' started by gijsbert, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. gijsbert

    gijsbert Basic Pleskian

    Aug 22, 2001
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    I have a server that needs to be migated using the plesk migration manager. I noticed that the manager is using rsync. Because this server has a lot of data, I'm wondering if I can run the migration manager multiple times?

    I mean, I like to run the migration manager and put all data on a new server. Because it's a lot of data, I like to run the migration manager for a 2nd or 3rd time, so only modified files will be transferred. This way, I can initiate a first migration without really switching to the new environment and the "final" migration will be much faster because most of the data will be there allready.

    Is this possible?
  2. Alina Dmi

    Alina Dmi Regular Pleskian Staff Member

    Nov 26, 2015
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    Migration manager allows to run only one migration per server, but it runs a lot of operations in multithreading mode.
    There are 2 options to configure multithreading mode in config.ini(both should be specified in [GLOBAL] section):
    1. multithreading-status
    "disabed" - that means that only one action for only one subscription can be running at the same time. Most of the actions are from that category.
    "default" - that means if "full" config option is specified, then action could be running at the same time for multiple subscriptions. Copy content actions are from that category
    "full" - that means if "default" or "full" config option is specified, then action could be running at the same time for multiple subscriptions. Create subscription in target Plesk action is from that category

    2. multithreading-num-workers - number of subscription threads running at the same time. Default is 5 workers.

    So, you can play with settings, maybe it helps.
    Also, to play with settings in config.ini use CLI described here