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Need to give SpamAssassin some teeth

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by MikkyX, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. MikkyX

    MikkyX Guest

    Running Plesk 7.5.4 on Debian with SpamAssassin 3.0.3 (and the Plesk module in my licence key), and the config files stored in /etc/spamassassin/

    If I create my own *.cf file in this folder my understanding was it would be parsed - but it isn't. I can't enable network tests, or amend rules myself. LOTS of spam which was getting caught on previous ISPs is being allowed through on this one - even blatantly obvious ones.

    I need to give SpamAssassin some teeth to bite with before we get drowned, does anyone have any tips on how I'm meant to configure it usefully?
  2. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    This may not help you in using it via the Plesk control panel, but to get much better results from SA, I added RulesDuJour and ART's qmail-scanner, and updated SA from ART's repository as well.

    The end results are much better IMO and the qmail-scanner package has many options for SA. Works with many AV scanners, even multiples simultaneously, really a great package.

    ART = atomicrocketturtle.com

    Some of the nice options for SA are:
     --sa-forward <username@domain>              (defaults to nothing)
                       User to redirect spam mails 'being quarantined' for
                       admin purposes...
                       The message is forwarded almost unmodified so you can
                       use 'sa-learn' with it.
                       If you prefer that the message includes the spam headers
                       enable the next option.
                       (i.e.  --sa-forward [email]antispam@mydomain.com[/email])
      --sa-fwd-verbose [yes|no]       (default: no)
                       Whether to add the X-Spam headers to the forwarded message.
      --sa-quarantine [num]           (default: 0)
                       Spam messages with a score higher than
                       (required_hits + sa_quarantine) should be quarantined.
                       Only relevant if SpamAssassin is used.
                       Score of 0 means deliver all messages.
      --sa-delete [num]               (default: 0)
                       Spam messages with a score higher than
                       (required_hits + sa_delete) should be deleted.
                       Only relevant if SpamAssassin is used.
                       Score of 0 means deliver all messages.
      --sa-reject [yes|no]            (default: no)
                       If you enable sa-reject and sa-delete is properly set,
                       messages with a score higher than sa-delete will be rejected
                       before the smtp session is closed. Otherwise they are just
                       dropped silently. (1/0)
    Oh, and did I mention it's FREE? Plesk's GUI interface for many things (including SA and Firewall) are way too limiting. With qmail-scanner, it's all automatic, once you set the config options in the qmail-scanner-queue.pl file, it just works!
  3. MikkyX

    MikkyX Guest

    Thanks for that - sounds like fun! But I was hoping for a nice, simple "edit this file" sort of solution. :)

    I wouldn't know where to start implementing your suggestion!