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Newbie question about all

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by expream, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. expream

    expream Guest

    Hello all!

    I'm new to Plesk and have a lat of questions! I have searched in forum about two weeks and have found some answers but not 100% ... I hope if some profi will answer my question it will bi a little help for new comers as me..

    (i'm using FreeBSD 5.3)


    1. Is anywehre in docs about all path? I meen... As I have understand that PSA uses /usr/local/psa and all programms are chrooted? Is the *.conf in /etc ? or EVERETHING is in /usr/local/psa ???

    2. About httpd.include ... in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/domain/conf As I understand this file is generated by Plesk when domain was created? And If I want to make some changes in this file? E.g. I want do switch off logging or make some other changes? Can I just edit httpd.include? Or this file will be overwritten everytime? There is written that I need to use vhost.conf? Is this file auto included in httpd.conf? I just need to create this file (vhosts.conf) and restart apache? And it will be included?

    3. About logs.... I have some project .. now it is log files reach about 1G ... and in one month I think it will be much more... When file will be 2G then apache will stop logging? right? So... What is about log rotation? I have seen that every morning at 4:07am it is started and moved all logs from access_log to access_log.processed ... And I'm not able to work with access_log .. becoz it is too big... is there any solution to make access_log smaller? or to devite it in smaller parts? e.g. when it reached 10Mb then will be started new access_log.1 and so on... becoz I need to see what is in access_log ... but when it is 1G ... it is impossible... :( Maybe there is some utilities to .. to ... make smaller.... or maybe some one has solution?

    4. Where is apache configuration file?? (/usr/local/psa/apache/httpd.conf ??? )

    5. User statistic (e.g. disk usage) is calculated only at 4:07 ?? And what about REAL TIME monitoring?

    6. How do you monitoring your users? How do you find out which user has a looped scripts and which scripts eating all memory?

    7. How can I update programms? I have updated MySQL to 5.0.x but Plesk dont support it ;) so I installed 4.1.16 (but with plesk was 4.1.11) ... and now plesk works great with 4.1.16.. but in Information on Plesk components there is mysql 4.1.11 ... where I can change it? And is there any manual howto update software?
    So... I think it is all.. :)
    hope for your answetrs

    Best regards
  2. Whistler

    Whistler Guest


    No, it's not safe to assume that all configuration files is located in either /usr/local/psa or /etc - depends on many things.

    Actually I really think you should read the manual! And also in this forum -it's widely documented on how to use the vhost.conf feature.

    But yes, you can edit httpd.include - but be aware that every now and then - Plesk will rebuild this file and your custom edits will be lost! Thats why the vhost.conf/vhost_ssl.conf system is invented.

    The files will not be included until you tell Plesk to rebuild the configuration for that domain.

    The 2GB issue is due to some filesystem restrictions and not an Apache issue (if I remember correct) - and it's dependent on you OS setup.

    Again - I really thing you should check the documentation about logrotation.

    But a hint: look under the Domain -> Log Manager -> Log Rotation.

    [quot]4. Where is apache configuration file?? (/usr/local/psa/apache/httpd.conf ??? )[/quote]

    Hint: locate httpd.conf

    Again - search a bit around the forum... but another hint: if you want the statistics to be updated more frequently - change the settings for the statistics script under Server -> Crontab - find the " /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/statistics >/dev/null 2>&1" cron and edit the settings. Just keep in mind that it might take up many ressources to run the script to often.

    Hiring a real systemadministrator knowing how to use a BSD? Theres no "one way or right way" to do this - it comes with the expirience of knowing your OS.

    This really dosen't matter - the version information is stored in a table in the Plesk database and I'm not sure it's ever used for anything on a BSD system. (but somebody - correct me if I'm wrong).
  3. expream

    expream Guest

    First of all... big thanks to Whistler.. but

    Hint: locate httpd.conf

    ok there are a lot of other files .. like httpd.conf.in , httpd.conf.include, httpd.conf.include.new ... Where in Docs can I find about all this files???
    Log Rotation works only with access_log.processed .. but not with access_log... So any ideas how to reduce access_log for some domains?
    Yes, I know, but it is NOT REAL TIME!

    About user monitoring? .. Ok .. I have one little utility .. that parses info from mod_status and put it in data base ... and there you will be able to see which domains use more resoursec.... If some one need.. just pm me..