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Odd problem yesterday - key_history table?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Brains, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Brains

    Brains Guest

    Has anyone seen this one? Yesterday my server came to a grinding halt -- couldn't get in via SSH, no HTTPD, no PSA web admin -- couldn't even get a login herald on the serial console. I could ping it, and that was all. So I punted the box, and when it came back up PSA refused to start..

    Long story short, psa was complaining about the key_history table not existing, which it didn't -- only the .frm file existed. I checked a few historical backups going back a couple weeks or so, and just the .frm there as well. So I said screw it, found a copy of the create script in one of my old psa upgrade folders (glad I keep 'em around), and created the table. Blank. With no rows. psa then started fine, and everything (almost) was back to normal. On to the next issue.

    I checked my email to find nearly 3000 Dr.WEB failure reports. I checked qmail's queue -- over 26,000 more reports !!! :rolleyes: So I punted those out of the queue, and went back to normal.

    Now, the really odd part is NOTHING has happened on the server in the past couple days, at least that I'm aware of. No upgrades, no new domains added, etc. Anyone have an idea?

    Do the plesk folks ever participate on their own forums? :rolleyes:
  2. chud67

    chud67 Guest

    Can you tell me the name of the create script? I need the SQL syntax to rebuild the key_history table. Thanks.
  3. Brains

    Brains Guest

    You'll need an update archive extracted somewhere, and within it you should find something similar to the following:


    Obviously you'll look in the paths that fit your tree and OS version.

    To help make it a little easier, here's the MySQL create script

    -------------------------------- KeyHistory --------------------
    CREATE TABLE key_history (
            id                              INT UNSIGNED AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY
    ,       plesk_key_id    VARCHAR(63)
    ,       name                    VARCHAR(255) BINARY
    ,       filename                VARCHAR(255) BINARY
    ,       register_date   TIMESTAMP not NULL
    ,       update_disabled enum('false', 'true') not null default 'false'
    ,       options                 VARCHAR(255) BINARY
    -------------------------------- /KeyHistory --------------------
  4. chud67

    chud67 Guest

    Awesome, thanks.