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oscommerce? Anyone have it working in windows?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dwdietz, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest

    Does anyone have oscommerce working for windows with plesk and server 2003? I have installed several times but the admin/server_info.php returns a blank page.

    I have heard there are thing to do to plesk to make it oscommerce friendly but i have spent hours trying to get this to work.

    unfortunately when i use a gateway module i get the same result on confirm order.

    Please help if you ahve it working.

  2. lominum

    lominum Guest

    Have you installed OsCommerce over Application Pack?
    OsCommerce is running fine on my server. Installed it normally without AppPack.
    Have you set the right permissions for the windows folders?
  3. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    I installed with the app pack and i installed manually both with the same results. Everything seems to work great even with check order or cod order it will complete the order just fine. According to plugnpay there is something with the server self call (tep_redirect) that is where it hangs. If you go to the admin and choose server info and run server_info.php all i get is a blank page returned. I did verify permissions, they all seem ok, I have went as afar as to completely open permissions and that seems to work fine as well. The gateway uses curl, from a command prompt i can run the curl command and get response back from the gateway, i can also run the gateway confirm order and get a response back from the gateway but it never makes it back to the php page and just displays a blank page when you confirm order. I've used filemone to watch what is going on and the worst i see is a few buffer overflows.
  4. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

  5. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    Unfortunately I know it should go but i am having difficulty with that.
  6. cviviani

    cviviani Guest

    most problems with oscommerce are with mailsetting
  7. lominum

    lominum Guest

    Have you checked php.ini?

    safe_mode = Off

    register_globals = On

    Are you using subdomains?
  8. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    yes safe_mode is off adn register_globals is on

    no subdomains..
  9. lominum

    lominum Guest

    Do u save sessions in files or in db???
  10. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    Sessions are set to db
  11. lominum

    lominum Guest

    Got a Firewall running?

    the failure is here:


    $system = tep_get_system_information(); <-- from general.php

    --> general.php

    function tep_get_system_information() {
    global $HTTP_SERVER_VARS;

    $db_query = tep_db_query("select now() as datetime");
    $db = tep_db_fetch_array($db_query);

    list($system, $host, $kernel) = preg_split('/[\s,]+/', @exec('uname -a'), 5);

    return array('date' => tep_datetime_short(date('Y-m-d H:i:s')),
    'system' => $system,
    'kernel' => $kernel,
    'host' => $host,
    'ip' => gethostbyname($host),
    'uptime' => @exec('uptime'),
    'http_server' => $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SERVER_SOFTWARE'],
    'php' => PHP_VERSION,
    'zend' => (function_exists('zend_version') ? zend_version() : ''),
    'db_server' => DB_SERVER,
    'db_ip' => gethostbyname(DB_SERVER),
    'db_version' => 'MySQL ' . (function_exists('mysql_get_server_info') ? mysql_get_server_info() : ''),
    'db_date' => tep_datetime_short($db['datetime']));

    You say that u got n blank page. In server_info.php follows a normal HTML page that must be shown when there was no failure in the php page.

    can u run server_info plz and show the sourcecode from the blank page here.
  12. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    Got it going thanks to the osc team

    Thanks for the response