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Permissions problem - my fault...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by emsol, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. emsol

    emsol Guest

    Just a longshot question...

    Does Plesk come with a utility to reset the permissions on the user directories to what they should be ?

    I made a mistake and got rid of all the users permissions and now I'll need to change each one manually :(
  2. addstravel

    addstravel Guest

    If you downloaded the new patch, this has a repair function that I think resets the permissions.
  3. emsol

    emsol Guest

    Thanks for the advice.

    Currently I cant run this patch because I tried to use the updater but it produces an error and wont install 7.01.

    When I eventually get 7.01 installed I'll try that - thanks.
  4. emsol

    emsol Guest

    Downloaded 7.01 from the download area and also applied the new patch.

    Ran the utility and chose to reset the permissions - this added in the plesk groups to each folder but not the plesk users or FP users.

    I've now got a serious problem because I dont know which FP / FTP user corresponds to each account. I cant remove over 100 domains and add them again.

    This all happened becasue I had to give the ASPNET user access to all the folders - SWSoft had neglected to add this by default so ASP.NET would not work - whilst adding this user I made the mistake of applying it to all child folders and wiped out the permissions for all users. Being a Unix person I think Windows user /permissions are completeley backwards and I got a bit confuzzled.

    Anyway - I'm seriousley annoyed now beause if Plesk had worked properly in the first place with the ASPNET user - I would never have encountered this problem !!
  5. siren@

    siren@ Guest

    Wow, Major security risk.

    The only folder that asp.net needs access to is the temp folders... :(
  6. emsol

    emsol Guest

    So I didnt need to give the ASPNET account access to these folders?

    Can someone clerify exactly what to give this account access to please.

    If, by default, ASP.NET applications cant be run after an installation of Plesk, what exatly should we be doing to fix it ?